If you really want to quit smoking?…

…write down the reasons WHY?
Take your time and really think about this.
Reasons such as:
– my kids. Or…
– the price. Or…
– I just wanted to.
May be true however you need to be more specific.

A good why? Is very personal and unique to
each person.

To some their why? may move them to tears…

For example:

I (your name here) want to quit because
I’m 40 and feel great , now I want to be even more
in control of my body.
I want to maintain good health for what years I have remaining.
I Had enough and despised the habit!
I already quit smoking before but it didn’t stick.
But this is different and I will succeed so that
I could be around for my kids in the future…..etc.

Do you see the difference?

Write your own reason and share it with me. Put it on
paper and carry it with you.The more effort you put into
this the better it will be.

If you really want to quit you would do this today.

To your success,
Dr. Howell

Never, ever, ever give up your dreams!

Quit Smoking Today (link)



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