What Are You Really Hooked On When You Smoke?

If your hooked on smoking you are hooked on nicotine. You are not smoking because you ENJOY IT otherwise why would you want to quit in the first place. Right?

The truth is everybody HATES smoking but the withdrawal from nicotine puts people ON EDGE, it hampers their ability to concentrate, it makes them miserable and afraid that IT has so much control over them. And finally they give into it and smoke.

After a smoke do you often feel bad and wish you could get rid of this need to smoke? If you do then breaking your addiction to smoking therefore involves kicking the nicotine habit.

You may have started smoking to be social, to hang with the cool crowd, or to be rebellious. However, today you continue to smoke because you feel the pull that only nicotine can pacify. That is why the nicotine gum is the least effective way to quit smoking.

To your success,
Dr. Howell



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