Many Smokers Think about Quitting on Mondays, Research Finds

(And 5 Tips to Get Started)

Is there such thing as “the best day to quit”? If you would ask 10 smokers to choose which among the days of the week they prefer to begin quitting smoking, majority of them are likely to say it’s Monday. That’s according to a new study which found that more people Google “quit smoking help” on this day.

The new study, which was published in the AMA Internal Medicine, revealed that there are 25 percent more quit-smoking searches on Mondays than on other days. But researchers were not surprised. Morgan Johnson, the lead investigator Monday-52754107from the Monday Campaigns, a not-for-profit organization which funded the study, said people see Mondays as a fresh start – a chance to get their acts together. They carry on with the research after finding out that quit lines and visits to the federal government’s official quit smoking website are higher during Mondays.

Joanna Cohen, co-author of the study and the director of the Johns Hopkins Institute for Global Tobacco Control, Baltimore, said the new research also provides a powerful message to smokers who have tried quitting several times but with no success. “If you relapse, you can try again next Monday.” she said. Cohen argued that often, quit attempts are planned during special occasions like birthdays, New Year’s Day, or the annual Great American Smokeout. But the research shows that people need not wait for another year to try quitting again. Cohen added that their findings may also help experts reach more smokers who are ready to quit. For instance, online ads to quit smoking may be targeted on Mondays and quit smoking lines during this day should be fully staffed.

What to Do When You’re Ready to Quit

Tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable diseases worldwide. Every day, thousands of people die due to the health risks of smoking. If you don’t one to be one of these people, you may want to quit smoking now.

If you have decided to stop your habit today, here are some tips that you may find useful:

  1. List down your reasons to quit. Whether it’s about your health, finances or personal relationships – list down all reasons you can think of. They will keep you motivated during your quit smoking journey.
  2. Make your home cigarette-free. Take away all things that will encourage you to light up. These include empty cigarette packets, lighters, ash trays, etc. You also want to dry clean draperies, blankets and window curtains that have been exposed to cigarette smoke. Not only will the smell of tobacco remain on them, but the leftover chemicals from your cigarette may also bring harm to your family’s health.
  3. Get support. Consider using nicotine-free quit smoking aids to significantly increase your chance of quitting smoking and effectively resist your triggers. Talk to a health professional, join a support group, and tap organizations that provide quit assistance.
  4. Don’t forget that quitting is the best thing you can do for yourself. Don’t think that you can’t live without cigarettes because you can – you definitely can! It’s just a habit that you picked somewhere and you can successfully eliminate it from your life.

Mondays remind us that in life, we can start all over again and do better. But any other day can be a great day to quit. As long as you equip yourself with enough motivation and the right tools, you can QUIT cigarettes for good.



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