Anonymous Letter From Frustated Reader Regarding Chantix

(Posted: 23 Nov 2007 09:19 AM CST)

“You should try to see your doctor for the depression.”

You mean the same quack who prescibed the Chantix? Do you really want EVERYONE hooked on your perscriptions?

You make me sick.

My “doc” put me on Lexapro for depression after my father died. 3 years later I have the WORST physical The-word-Health-surrounded-by--43388209withdrawal symptons. So bad, I’m basically stuck taking this drug in order to feel “normal”.

Thanks big pharma, for making a drug addict out of me.

Dear Anonymous:

There exist other ways to treat depression, relying less on medication and more on active psychological exploration between doctor and patient, like psychoanalysis and “behavior modification”.

There exist a stigma in our society surrounding psychiatric diseases and at times depressed patients hate the fact that they need to rely on antidepressants.

You hardly hear about patients with high blood pressure complaining (“they are hooked”) because they need to take anti-hypertension meds all the time, or patients with broken bones because they need a cast (granted the cast is usually temporary but the point is still the same).

Psychotherapy is time-intensive, expensive, difficult, and progress is sometimes slow but when it works it is absolutely fantastic.

Like all things that are difficult we tend to look for the easy solution when what we really need is the difficult yet more satisfying solution. Call it human nature or laziness but we seldom ever seek out the difficult no matter how good the ultimate reward.

I wish you the best of luck.



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