3 Ways How Social Media Can Help You Quit Smoking

Who said that Facebook and Twitter are just for leisure? Recent study reveals that smokers who are connected to these social networking sites find it much easier to quit than their less social peers.

In the US, more than 400, 000 people die every year because of smoking, making it a major health risk. Quitting smoking can create positive effects on one’s health, but it is the toughest addiction to break. Smoking creates nicotine dependence among smokers. Once it gets into your system, your body will have a hard time coping when nicotine is withdrawn from your body. Social-media-concept-21099296Nicotine withdrawal symptoms include headaches, insomnia, anxiety, and depression. Smoking cessation aids are available to help smokers deal with the withdrawal symptoms better. And a new study suggests that social media can help smokers quit smoking much easier.

How can social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter help you quit smoking?

It builds a sense of belonging. Because of technology and the


Recent study reveals that smokers who are connected to these social networking sites find it much easier to quit than their less social peers.

internet, it is much easier to connect with people around the globe. In just a few clicks, people can find a support group using these social networking sites. They can find people with the same interests, hobbies and advocacy. As the participation of members of these social networking sites increases, they identify more strongly with fellow members, give and receive strong social support, find common view on smoking and build stronger sense of trust. Through these sites, they build a community united under one purpose – quit smoking.

It offers a more convenient way to connect with your support group. For people living in far flung communities, driving several miles to attend smoking cessation programs and counseling is quite burdensome. With the birth of the internet and social media, people can avail of the services and connect with people without leaving the comfort of their home.

It is less expensive than the usual offline quit smoking support and services. Membership to these social networking groups is usually free. Unlike the usual offline counseling and support services, this does not require expensive fees and you save money for the gas. You simply have to log-on and you’re already connected to your support group.

The social media is a great tool for quitting smoking. It may not be the ‘cure’ itself to the rising rate of smoking addiction, but there’s no doubt that it can be a supplemental strategy to increase one’s chances of quitting smoking for good.



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