Quit Smoking – And What Happened In The Past.

I’m sure you have done this even if it wasn’t with stopping smoking. Maybe it was something like “I’ll start the diet Monday” or “I’ll join the gym on Monday.” But it happened just like this or some variation of this theme:

  • I tried to stop smoking once a few years ago.
  • It was the first time I had tried. I didn’t plan or prepare,
  • I just decided I was going to quit.
  • I just brought a couple of packs to do me the week and smoke my last cigarettes that weekend.
  • In my mind it was, “I’ll quit on Monday”. Why is it always Monday anyway?
  • But then (….something….) happened and I am still smoking

If that was you it’s ok whatever happened in the past leave it there. Begin fresh right now and move forward. You can do it.
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