Quit Smoking – Is Lack of Willpower The Reason You Failed?

So you decided to finally quit. Morning came and you felt confident you would succeed. You stuck a patch on and went to work. You made it through the day without a smoke. But you felt a little bored and anxious at times. And by lunch time the following day you just cracked and had to beg for a cigarette from a workmate. Now you feel depressed and think you are weak minded and have zero willpower.

If this happened to you pretty soon your are wondering what does it really take to quit smoking for good? It is all about willpower? Is it about being strong enough to break the habit? And what if you can’t? Does that mean you are not trying hard enough? No, no and one thousand times no. If you tried to quit and failed what messed you up was not a lack of will power but a lack of knowledge. What was working against you was a lack of knowledge not a weak will.

You must learn how the addiction to smoking or tobacco really works and what makes it end. You must first understand how addiction to smoking really works so you can beat the addiction at its own game.
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