4 Other Types of Cigarettes – Part 2

There are several cigarette types today on the market, marketed toward men and women, young and old, alike. They will come in different flavors and colors, sizes and shapes, and may basically be marketed towards any audience. This is part 2 of 2 of the original article “6 Different Types of Cigarettes”.

These kinds are fat and short and may be lights or filters. They’re marketed toward males. They think, because they’re fatter, they represent a look that is more macho. It is similar to a cigar. Since these are considered masculine, wide cigarettes are, as well. It is rare to witness a woman smoking one. It is Quit-Smoking-42714874nearly always a man. The tobacco businesses absolutely know this.

They may vary in all flavors, colors and shapes. Women prefer smoking the dainty types, not always, yet typically. The tobacco businesses also know this, therefore there are marketing tactic directly geared towards them.

Skinny and Long
They’re fully marketed towards women. The box itself usually is baby blue or pink, and they’re almost two times as long as a regular cigarette. Young women, particularly directly out of high school, comprise those who generally purchase these. They’re feminine, girly and dainty.

They’re flavored with eucalyptus. It is almost similar to a minty, cold, icy flavor. Individuals smoke them because they believe their breath will not be as bad. That is, of course, a complete lie. Also, they inhale them because they enjoy the icy feeling inside their lungs as they take in a deep drag. There have been studies that menthols will crystallize the lungs, and that’s a real harm that additional cigarettes do not possess.

They’re laced with clove leaves. After you inhale, they will leave a subtle taste of cloves on the lips, something that will attract a woman. Usually, they’re costlier than regular brands, and often are black in color. Plus, they contain an increased concentration of nicotine, therefore they’re stronger than regular types. It isn’t simple to smoke an entire pack of cloves in one night. You will potentially discover yourself changing during some point. However, because they’re stronger, they’re additionally harsher on the body, and worse for the lungs.

There are multiple kinds of cigarettes, as you can see, targeted at both women and men, old and young. The tobacco businesses know what women like and what men like.

Realistically, they’re all bad for you. There is not one safe cigarette in the market. They’ll all kill you in time. Just because you may be using ultra-lights doesn’t mean you’re smoking a safer cigarette than a straight. You’re fooling yourself. All you are actually doing is inhaling a bigger drag to receive the same quantity of nicotine.

The tobacco business are lying to you. They are not as macho and pretty as they appear. After some time, you will become addicted, then you will be their slave forever, and that is exactly what they’re after.
Be honest, did you start smoking because of the way cigarettes are marketed, or was it a different reason? Share your reason in the comments section!



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