4 New Findings on Strengthening the Success of Quitting Smoking

Every year billions of dollars goes into studying the effects of tobacco to the body and towards helping smokers quit. Unfortunately, only about 3% of smokers who attempt to quit are successful. So what are smokers doing wrong or what can be done to help more smokers kick the habit once and for all? Smokers can give up the habit; it is just difficult for most smokers to quit, but not impossible.

  1. Strengthen Smokers’ Willpower to Quit

Smokers know that smoking could be a gateway to their death beds, The-words-and-saying-Just-Keep-46288219but that isn’t a scary enough fact to get them to quit. They have seen the numerous anti-smoking ad campaigns and constantly face the public shun against smoking, yet till they continue smoking. The reason is simply because they really haven’t mastered the willpower needed to quit. Smokers need to be highly motivated and determined in order to quit successfully. Lack of this drive and resolve to quit is the reason why smokers will try severally, for months or even years before they can quit for good. However, willpower to quit can be strengthened by quit-methods including support and nicotine replacement therapies.


According to the American Cancer Society, the most important factor in successfully quitting is resolve.

  1. Accessible Support

Quit-smoking success groups exist but few smokers are accessing them easily, particularly smokers who are in remote places where actual support groups are far placed. Support is another important aspect that needs to be strengthened to help more smokers quit and the answer lies on online support. Online support is easily accessible to anyone right from the comfort of their own homes and as effective as actual support group meetings. There are scores of websites which offer online support making it easy for smokers to access this help easily. However, online support is most effective combined with the resolve to quit and a set timeline or concrete quit-plan.

  1. Quit Products

There are diverse quit-products coming out every day marketed towards helping smokers quit. The problem is that most of these products are gimmicks and products which actually work rarely get the time of day. The other question is whether smokers who are trying to quit actually use these quit products. There is generally a curiosity about some of these products and smokers trying to quit do try them out. What is lacking is sufficient data to back up these products and document their success in helping smokers quit. This is another area that can be improved on to better help smokers know which are the reliable quit products in the market.

  1. Why do Smokers Smoke?

Most smokers still don’t quite know why they are always reaching out for that next cigarette. What is lacking here is self-analysis to be able to connect why you crave nicotine and consequently how to work on it or reverse it. The best way to analyze your smoking habits is to study your morning smoking routine. When do you light up your first cigarette and what do you do prior to lighting up? Having an answer to this question will help you best understand what triggers your urge to smoke and work on it.

Understanding these findings on the lapses that need to be addressed in regards to quitting will help more smokers quit.



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