4 Possibly New Reasons to Quit Smoking

Smoking is like losing weight; millions of people around the world resolve to quit yearly, but few are able to achieve success. Why should you quit smoking? You have probably heard all the reasons, but there are a few new reasons that you should explore to motivate you to quit smoking.

  1. Quitting Lowers Depression

A number of smokers have cited that one of the reasons why they are not quite ready to give up smoking is because they will become depressed. A 2010 research conducted by Brown University proved the contrary showing that smokers who quit actually benefit from decreased depression. During the clinical trials smokers who gave up smoking were much happier for weeks into months and those who began smoking again picture-of-serious-man-in-red--38853901became moodier. Lead author of the study published on the Nicotine &Tobacco Research journal, psychologist Christopher Kahler, explained that smokers who did not quit smoking during the month long clinical trials were most depressed at the end of the study. Kahler explained that smokers who quit were generally happier because of the feeling of triumph that comes with succeeding at something.

  1. Religious Commitment

This might be one off the books, but why not quit as a religious commitment? During the lent period most Christians choose to also practice moderation, repentance and fasting. So what better time to give up smoking that during lent? This might not work for every smoker and not all smokers will give up smoking after the lent period, but for the few who try and succeed it will be a worthwhile religious commitment and a way to further affirm your commitment to your faith.

  1. Smoking Fuels Criminal Networks

How many people do you know who have recently been incarcerated or died due to criminal related links including guns and drugs? You must know at least one person, whether personally or not your smoking habits might have just fueled their fate. Cigarettes are among the leading products sold through black market trade. All the times you were buying cigarettes at discount rates what you didn’t know was that you are fueling criminal networks. It all goes back to the law of supply and demand; to help reduce trafficking criminal networks related to cigarettes, there has to be a decrease in the demand for cigarettes regardless of their price.


A study published in Tobacco Control found that more than 28% of smoking pet owners said information about the harmful effects of secondhand smoke on their pet – including the link to cancer, allergies, and respiratory problems – would motivate them to try to quit.

  1. You are Contributing to the Effects of ‘Thirdhand Smoke’

The effects of secondhand smoke, which affects non-smokers who are always in proximity to smokers, is well known. However, little is spoken about the effects of ‘thirdhand smoke.’ This refers to the toxicants smokers leave behind causing damage to surfaces. Thirdhand smoke builds up over time and normal cleaning cannot reverse the damage caused. This residue build comes with health implications, particularly to children who are exposed through affected carpets or clothing. Although it can be avoided by opening windows to air out rooms; the easiest way to avoid this kind of damage to your home is to give up smoking.



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