Smoking and Men’s Sexuality: 5 Things That Can Happen to Your Manhood if You Don’t Quit

Almost everyone knows the harmful effects of smoking, but no one seems to have the information on what it does to a man’s member. Well, it’s no big deal unless it’s your penis that we’re talking about. Below are 5 things that can happen to your penis if you don’t quit smoking soon.

Smoking can shorten your penis. The more you smoke the smaller your member becomes. Studies, then and again, have proved that smoking restricts the blood flow in your heart, and it can do just the same to your penis. Over time, chronic smokers will experience difficulty in reaching full erection, thereby reducing a man’s length and girth. Studies suggest that smoking can reduce the man’s size as much as a full centimeter. It may not be that big, but if it’s your penis you may see it differently.


Because of the continuous exposure of the blood vessels in the penis to nicotine and other harmful chemicals, it starts to harden causing the shrinking effect, as blood cannot properly flow in the penis, which is very important to achieve full erection. Studies further suggest that smoking is more harmful to your penis than to your heart.

Smoking affects your sensitivity. Smoking kills your nerve endings. Your penis contains thousands of these nerve endings distributed from the shaft to the head. The head contains most of the nerve endings. This is the reason why your member becomes more sensitive to touch towards the head. Continuous smoking damages these nerve endings as oxygen and blood flow is restricted, making your penis less sensitive to contact. Smoking also affects your libido.  This is the reason why sexual intercourse is less interesting and satisfying for most smokers. If you want to have better sex life, quit smoking now.

Smoking can cause erectile dysfunction. Smoking causes atherosclerosis or the building up of plaque in the arteries, which obstruct the proper blood flow. This condition causes various problems throughout your body, including erectile dysfunction.  Smokers who smoke 20 or more cigarettes every day have 60% higher risk to erectile dysfunction.


Sexual intercourse is less interesting and satisfying for most smokers. If you want to have better sex life, quit smoking now.

Smoking can affect the quality of your semen. Smokers have 23% lesser sperm concentration. This means they produce lesser amount of sperms than those who never smoked. Studies also found that men who smoke have lesser sperm motility, or the capability of the sperm to swim and fertilize the egg. They showed 13% decrease in sperm motility. Smokers also have lesser healthy sperm cells. Smoking somehow alters the genetic composition causing deformed or too large head and shorter tails in sperm cells.

Smoking can affect your testosterone levels. Smoking greatly affects your sex hormone – testosterone. Testosterone is responsible for your sex drive, and sperm production. Smokers tend to have lower testosterone level, which explains their low sex drive and sexual satisfaction. According to studies, smokers have an average of 6 sexual intercourses in a month, while non-smokers have twice as frequent.

If you think your performance in bed do not matter to women, well, you better take a vow of celibacy instead. It does matter! Quit smoking now and have a better sex life.



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