Put out your Cigarette: Quit Smoking for Good

Are you ready to put out your last cigarette; quit smoking for good? Smoking cigarettes is both a psychological habit and physical addiction. The nicotine from a cigarette will offer an addictive, temporary high. Getting rid of that consistent nicotine fix is going to cause your body to suffer with cravings and physical withdrawal symptoms. Due to nicotine’s ‘feel good’ effect on your brain, you might additionally have gotten used to smoking as your method of coping with boredom, anxiety, depression, and stress.

Startup-Business-Concept-47301820The act of smoking, at the same time, is ingrained as a day-to-day ritual. It might be an automatic response for you to light up a cigarette with your coffee in the morning, as you take a break from school or work, or while you are commuting home at the completion of a long day. Maybe family members, friends, and coworkers smoke, and it has become a way in which you relate to them.

In order to successfully stop smoking, you will have to address the addiction, as well as the routines and habits which go along with it.

Begin your quit smoking plan using START

S – Set a stop smoking date.
Select a date within the following two weeks, in order for you to have an adequate amount of time to get yourself prepared without losing your inspiration to stop. If you mostly smoke at work, stop on the weekend, in order for you to have a couple of days to adjust to this change.

In order to successfully stop smoking, you will have to address the addiction, as well as the routines and habits which go along with it.

T – Tell colleagues, friends, and family members that you are prepared to stop.
Allow your family and friends to be in on your preparation to stop smoking and inform them that you need their encouragement and support to quit. Search for a stop smoking pal who wants to quit smoking, too. The two of you can assist one another to get through the tough times.

A – Anticipate and prepare for the challenges you will be faced with when quitting.
The majority of individuals who start smoking again will do so within the initial three months. It is possible to aid yourself in making it through by planning ahead for typical challenges, like cigarette cravings and nicotine withdrawal.

R – Remove all tobacco products from your work, car, and home.
Toss out all your cigarettes (no back up pack!), matches, ashtrays, and lighters. Wash all of your clothes and freshen up all things which contain a smoke odor. Steam your furniture; clean your carpet and your drapes; and shampoo your vehicle.

T – Talk with your physician in regard to obtaining assistance with quitting.
The doctor has the ability to prescribe medicine to assist with withdrawal and recommend additional alternatives. If you cannot see a physician, it is possible to buy many items over the counter at the grocery store or pharmacy in your area.

I’ve offered you a simple plan to quit smoking. So put out your cigarette; quit smoking for good! Do you think this is a plan you can stick to? Share your comments in the comment section!



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