5 Ways to Make Your Spouse Quit Smoking Without Nagging

Nagging is the last thing you want to do if you want your spouse to quit smoking. Nagging will only make him smoke more. The good thing is there are other ways how you can make him quit without the need for nagging.

Encourage your spouse to go with you in the gym. Your spouse may refuse it at first but eventually he may finally agree. Persuade him. He may find it quite difficult at first because of poor stamina due to heavy smoking. He may bigstock-Couple-have-an-argument-31885028want to quit working out sooner than to quit smoking. Encourage him and tell him to cut a little of his smoking to help improve his stamina. Tell him how it will benefit his health and how he’ll look good with those six packs. If he still refuses, you may “lovingly” tell him how bad he has become in bed because of smoking. But make sure not to hurt his feelings. You might earn his ire instead of his approval.

Make smoking at home inconvenient for your spouse. Cigarette smoke sticks to almost everything it touches. It sticks on the curtain and it sticks to your clothes. And it is bad for you and your kid’s health. You may want to ask your husband to go outside the house if he wants to smoke or you can agree on certain house rules on smoking. For instance, he can only smoke in the garage, not in the living room or other part of the house. You may also ask him to take a shower to freshen up, and change his clothes before going with you to bed. Also ask him to clean the cigarette butts and the ashtray after he smoked. Be strict when enforcing these rules even it means no sex for the night. This way, you will not only lessen your family’s exposure to second hand smoke, but he’ll also find it more difficult and inconvenient smoking inside the house which eventually will force him to cut back on smoking.

Talk to your spouse about your disapproval on his smoking habit. This is quite difficult to do without nagging. But at least try. Tell him how smoking affects his health and how it makes you worry. Tell him how difficult it is for you to accept how smoking has robbed you of his time and the days to come if he’ll continue smoking. Tell him that you want to spend more happy times with him and it is impossible if he won’t quit. Appeal to his emotions. But make sure not to overdo it that you’ll look like a drama queen delivering your piece.

Encourage your spouse to save for a vacation. Well, this is quite tricky. Plan a vacation together, and tell him how bad you want to go into this place. But the catch is, you want it to be extra special by asking him to save for it out of the money he’ll use to buy cigarettes. He may not agree to quit smoking cold turkey but he may agree to cut his cigarette consumption. Try to bargain. Remember you want it to be as easy as possible for him to quit and quitting gradually will be more appealing to him. You don’t have to be hasty, but be firm, and remind him how bad you want to go in a vacation with him, and if you can do it together sooner.

Make your spouse realize how gruesome smoking is. Well, another way to make him quit smoking without nagging is to make him realize how bad smoking is to one’s health. You can download actual pictures of a smoker’s lungs, teeth, or mouth and ask him to look at it. You may not like the pictures and this is the same reaction your husband you want to have. Tell him how worried you are that he’ll end up like those in the pictures. You can also make him read some articles about smoking, or you can attend together quit smoking seminars or counseling programs.

Quitting smoking is difficult. But it is more difficult to make someone quit. And nagging will not help. Instead, try to show him how bad you want him to quit smoking in a loving and understanding way. Try to assure him that you’ll be there throughout the process if he decides to quit smoking. Anyway, understanding and supporting one another is one important part of marriage.



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