6 Things You Want to Do Before You Quit Smoking

Giving up an old habit may not be as easy as you think it is. Smoking is not a habit you acquire overnight. It is something you have acquired through repetitive action driven by your addiction to nicotine. To undo this habit you need to be physically, mentally and emotionally prepared. It is a battle between you and the habit of smoking – a battle you need to win. And you can’t do it unless you prepare before going into the battlefield. Below are 6 tips to help you prepare for the biggest Quit-Smoking-Word-Cloud-Concep-36175567fight of your life – giving up smoking.

Set a quitting date. You need to condition yourself, you want to tell yourself that you want to quit. And you can do this by picking a quit date. This sets you in motion. It gives you a time frame to work out your plans – a time to identify your weak points and how you can patch it to make your plans work. But choosing a date too far in the future might kill your determination and your will to quit. On the same hand, choosing a date too soon, may not give you enough time to prepare and choose the right smoking cessation method for you. Picking a day within the next few weeks or the next month will be ideal. It is soon enough not to kill your will and enthusiasm, and long enough to fully prepare.

Identify your triggers. You need to identify your weak points so you can strengthen it. Ask yourself – what are the common things that trigger you to smoke? Is it the weather? Stress perhaps? Or maybe your daily routine has to do with your habit? Do you smoke in the morning before and after breakfast? What is it that triggers you to light up?

Slowly change your routines. You may want to try smoking with your other hand, or keep your cigarettes in a different place. If you’re use to smoke while having your cup of coffee or while reading the morning papers, you may want to change the hour when you drink your coffee or the time you read the papers. You can have your coffee in the office or read the papers during your breaks.

Make smoking inconvenient for you. Making smoking inconvenient can help you break the habit of smoking when you finally quit. Delaying your time to light up a cigarette helps build your mental resilience and help prepare your body. You can start by not bringing your lighter with you, or buy only a


Quitting smoking is not an easy battle to win. But by getting yourself prepared, you can always win the fight and quit smoking for good.

few sticks or a single pack of cigarettes. This way you can buy a few minutes to cut back. You can also designate smoking and non-smoking areas. For instance, you only smoke outdoors and not inside your home or office.

Consult your doctor. It is very important that you consult your doctor before you quit. Quitting smoking brings several withdrawal symptoms. Some symptoms may trigger other illnesses, or may worsen your current health condition. It is important to talk to your doctor before you choose any smoking cessation method. Your doctor can discuss the pros and cons of different smoking cessation aids and drugs that are available for you. Talking to your doctor about your condition and your option increases your chance of quitting for good.

Look for a support group. Talk to your family. Tell them that you want to quit and you need them to back you up and make it easier for you to quit. You can also look for support groups or avail of counseling programs.

Sometimes, quitting smoking is not an easy battle to win. But you want to stay on top, not only for yourself but for your family as well. And by getting yourself prepared, you can always win the fight and quit smoking for good.



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