Want to Know the Easiest Way to Quit Smoking? Read This

Do you want to quit smoking in the easiest, quickest and cheapest way possible? Maybe you are a chronic smoker who woke up one day feeling sick and tired of coughing each morning, inhaling the toxic, suffocating smoke from tobacco, craving for a cigarette in the middle of the night, and having to excuse yourself from friends and family in a restaurant to go out and light up.

There’s no magic bullet way to quit smoking. But there are certainly a few studies that are worth the try. With the following tips, you will find the easiest way to quit smoking:

1)  Plan it. Give yourself several days to prepare for the big day – the day that will change your life. During this period, inform the people close to you, such as your friends and family that you are quitting. They can serve as your powerful support base. With the help of these people, you will find it easier to quit smoking.

2)  Don’t smoke. Want to quit? The solution is real simple. Don’t smoke. Don’t buy cigarettes, don’t put a cigarette in your mouth and most of all – never light up! There’s no such thing as ‘last cigarette’. When it comes to quitting smoking, it’s definitely ‘now or never’.

3)  The first three days are critical. The first 72 hours from your last cigarette is the most critical part. You might find that your nicotine craving is at its peak. If you overcome this period, things will become easier. This may require avoiding stress and giving yourself some time to relax and unwind. Bear in mind that smoking is not part of your nature. It is just a habit you picked up somewhere. You have the full control to get rid of it.

4) Forget the parties, at least for now. You can’t just take away cigarettes from social gatherings. You probably have some friends who smoke, drink, and drink and smoke. You probably are like them before. Going to events like this could weaken your boundaries and trigger your urge to smoke.

5)  Screw the patches and gums. You’ve worked so hard to remove nicotine from your body so why put it back? Nicotine replacement therapy reduces your cigarette craving by supplying your system with a dose of nicotine. But there are better ways to stop the craving. Consider taking prescription medications that block nicotine receptors in your brain, undergoing counseling, exercising, and getting some detox treatments.

Plan it well, don’t ever light up (no matter what), avoid getting stressed during the first three days of quitting, forget social gatherings for now, and find better ways to fight your smoking urges. These strategies make the easiest way to quit smoking!



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