How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes: 5 Tips for Older Adults

The older one becomes, the faster one’s health deteriorates, the more prone one becomes to illnesses and therefore, the more precaution one must employ. For smokers who belong to the older adults age bracket, they should already focus on how to quit smoking cigarettes. If they wish for their lives to be longer (even with the damage tobacco has surely already left on them) then it’s still never too late to quit.

Below are some of the tips older adults can make use of on how to quit smoking cigarettes.

Know the truths about cigarette smoking. Educate yourself with its dangers and negative effects. Learn the advantages of quitting smoking. As older adults who surely know so much more in life, it shouldn’t be so hard to grasp anything and everything essential there is to learn about smoking.

Be committed. Stick to your goals about stopping cigarette smoking and be positive that you’ll be able to overcome it. The thing about older adults is that they tend to be so hard on themselves. It must be a consequence that comes with age, but nevertheless, this shouldn’t be the case. Refuse to succumb to your stubbornness. Or, if you should ever be stubborn, be stubborn on sticking to your quitting smoking plans.

Eliminate triggers. Find the things that can tempt and make you want to smoke and avoid these stimuli. Never allow yourself to give in. If drinking alcohol makes your craving for cigarettes intensify, then by all means avoid it. If you have to make other sacrifices, then do so willingly. The results will surely come more easily.

Find good company. Ask other people for help and encouragement. It is always better to have someone to remind you about your goals. Surround yourself with people who can give you good influence. Of course, this will entail separating yourself from previous smoking buddies. Don’t worry about having to lose friends. Who knows, in your act of leaving them to deal with your smoking issues and in doing so you are able to fully overcome your vice, you may be able to help them overcome their struggles, too.

Use leisure time wisely. Spend your free time by doing more productive activities like exercising and leading a healthy lifestyle. The problem about being an older adult is that you will have the monetary resources to finance your nicotine needs, and that since you are now able to manage your own time compared to younger people who may still be stuck under the supervision of guardians, you practically have the liberty and luxury of time to do what you want. And also because you are already considered ‘mature’, no one can dictate over you anymore. So instead of using this maturity as an excuse to doing whatever you want even when it’s no longer good for your health, focus on doing things which are more fulfilling and physical.

The wonderful thing about adults being able to quit smoking is that they can serve as a testimony to others who are struggling to quit, especially to the younger ones. They will become living proofs that such a deadly and somehow hopeless addiction can be overcome.



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