7 Strategies to Quit Smoking for College Students

College is the stage in every young person’s life wherein he thinks and believes that he is truly free and thus, he can and must do everything he can possibly do. It is also usually in college where the habit of smoking is started, oftentimes under the influence peer pressure.

So how can we help college student to quit smoking now? Here are some strategies that are quite applicable to college students.

It is important to be aware of this smoking phenomenon in college. Educate yourself and know fully well the repercussions of smoking before you end up stuck in your vice. Know the benefits and advantages of quitting smoking. Threaten yourself with the negative effects of smoking. That way, you can quit as early as possible.

Finding people who can help you and to whom you can be accountable to is also essential. If you have adults in your home, ask for their help. Do not hesitate to share your concerns on smoking. Allow them to give you encouragement. And most important of all, heed their advice.

Be with nonsmokers. As much as possible, mingle with people who do not smoke. Better still, hang out with people who have triumphantly overcome the addiction of smoking. Choose good company who can influence you to quit smoking. Remember that bad company corrupts good character.

Find and eliminate both physical and psychological stimuli that trigger you to smoke. Avoid the things that can even make you think of smoking. In all sorts of addictions, there really are stimuli which can trigger your addiction. Drinking perhaps? Avoid food that will increase your craving for tobacco. That’s why it’s also very important to be observant of the shifts in your cravings relative to certain foods and drinks.

Be optimistic. Follow the law of happiness. Set your mind into positive thinking and believe that you will be able to achieve your goal. Have a brighter and more hopeful outlook in general. Motivate yourself always. The advantage that younger people will have over older people is the former’s keen ability to envision a life full of hope. You can always utilize this positive energy to quit smoking now.

Think of other people that will be affected if you continue to smoke. Put in mind the possible threats that will be brought upon on your families and loved ones if you continue smoking. Don’t get too carefree thinking that you are still young. A lot of youth delude themselves into thinking that there’s always time in the future to do something. Or worse, they think they must smoke as much as they can now while they are still young. How can you be so sure you’ll even get past your younger years if you don’t quit smoking now?

Make alternatives. Instead of smoking, make a to-do list of the things you can spend and make use of your time on. Do exercise and involve yourself in as many activities as you can. This can help you steer away from considering smoking again. You will find that there are so many other activities you can pour your time and passion into instead of just inhaling tobacco.



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