5 Ways Smoking Affect Your Relationship with Your Partner

Aside from the health risks, smoking has plenty of disadvantages. It has a great impact on everyone around you. For couples, it can even cause serious quarrels and misunderstandings. Yes, smoking can definitely affect your relationship with your partner – another good reason to quit smoking. Here are 5 ways how smoking can affect your relationship with your better half.

Smoking affects your bedtime rituals. The smell of nicotine can be very annoying to some people. Cigarette smoke sticks on your clothes, your hair and Pair-Problem-4970090skin. It lingers on your breath no matter how often you brush your teeth or rinse your mouth. No one would want to sleep next to stinky smoker, unless your partner is also a smoker. If you love cuddling each other before sleeping, smoking can get in the way of your bedtime rituals – which can create a feeling of disconnection when you wake up.

The lingering smell of cigarette in your clothes and furniture can be very annoying for your partner. More often than not, a non-smoking partner would not want her or his clothes, or furniture to stink like cigarettes. It might be unappealing for your partner to have the lingering scent of cigarette around him or her. It can be very inconvenient and unpleasant.

The harmful effects of smoking can burden your partner. Smokers are exposed to the harmful effects of nicotine and other deadly chemicals found in cigarettes. You are more likely to suffer from respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. While, it will be likely okay with your partner to take care of you, it may not be exactly okay to take care of someone who often gets colds when he or she can avoid it only if he or she quits smoking.

Smoking can affect your sexual performance. Smoking can greatly affect your physical activities. Smokers often complain of shortness of breath. Your sexual endurance will gradually lessen the more you puff cigarettes, which can be very frustrating for your partner and which can leave her or him unsatisfied.

Smoking affects your birth control program. If you’re on pills, smoking can definitely get in the way. It makes contraceptives less effective and increases your risks of heart disease. Women over 25 of age should refrain from smoking when they are on pills. Don’t take the risk – stick to the pill; not the sticks.

Smoking ruins not only your health. It ruins your furniture, your car’s interior. It ruins your friend’s and your family’s health too. And it can ruin your relationship with your husband, or your wife, or your partner. It can spark a quarrel that leads to misunderstanding, and burn your years of togetherness.

If you find that special someone and decide to spend the rest of your life, you would want to live your life to the fullest. You want to grow old with that person you love the most, but smoking may just ruin that. Smoking lessens your life expectancy for at least ten years depending on how hard you smoke. But the sooner you quit smoking, the longer you’ll spend your life with your special someone.



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