5 Helpful Ways to Help You Quit Smoking Anytime

We often see the start of the year as the perfect time to start anew. But why wait for a new year when you can quit smoking now? Below are some helpful ways to help you quit smoking any time of the year.

Get Support from Stop Smoking Groups. No one can understand you better and what you’re going through except those who were in your place once in their life. There are support groups that offer their services for free. You can avail of these services without having to spend a single cent. They are staffed with volunteers who are former smoker themselves. They can help you prepare and quit smoking for good. They can also give you tips and advices about the different NRTs and other therapies that are available for you.

List your reasons and place it somewhere you can easily see it. You can stick it on your fridge door, near the phone, or in your car. Listing your reasons why you want to give up smoking and placing it somewhere you can see it easily will help you remember why you wanted to quit in the first place. This will give you the ‘push’ you need to stick on your quit cessation program and your goals.

Think how your health improved and how better you feel after you stopped smoking. The moment you quit smoking your body starts to heal itself. Your cilia begin to grow, and your blood pressure drops back to normal. In a few days, your lungs starts to regenerate and the waste materials that have accumulated in your lungs and respiratory tracts are expelled out. You start to feel better. Your stamina improves and you can be more active again. When you feel like lighting a cigarette again, you may want to think of the health benefits of quitting smoking.

Save your money from buying cigarettes. Just imagine how much you can save if you keep the money you usually spend for 1 to 2 packs of cigarette daily. That’s roughly about 7,300 cigarettes in a year. If you can save that money, it may be enough to send you for a 2 day vacation. Think how much you can save if you quit smoking now. Depending on how much you spend for your cigarettes, it may be enough for your summer vacation.

Always remember the 4Ds of quitting. Whenever you like smoking again remember to drink water, delay, take deep breaths, and do something else. These 4Ds of quitting will help you manage the stress and help kill the cravings of nicotine withdrawal.

Sometimes, quitting smoking requires more than just will power. You may need others to help you quit and give you the push you need to quit smoking for good. Your family, friends, and peers each play an important role in your journey into a smoke-free life. You may also need to use smoking cessation products to make quitting a lot easier.



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