6 Questions You Want to Ask Yourself Before You Quit Smoking

There are a number of things you need to keep in mind before you can successfully quit smoking. First, you have to recognize your personal reasons for quitting. Second, you have to devise a strategy to overcome the challenges. This includes knowing where to get help when you need it. And finally, you need to have a solid plan that you can adhere to.

Stop SmokingBut before you start creating your quit smoking plan, it is however important to ask yourself some important questions that require your answer. Understanding and reflecting on your answer to these questions marks the beginning of your quitting process.

Do I really want to quit smoking? Your success depends greatly on your determination to quit smoking. If you’re quitting simply because you want the nagging to stop, you might have the wrong motivation and you might just find yourself looking for reasons to go back to your old habit. This can greatly affect your effort to quit. Find a deeper and more pressing reason to quit smoking, such as for better health, your newborn daughter, etc.

Is quitting smoking my no.1 priority? If your answer to this question is in the affirmative, then you are more likely to succeed. If you’re more focus on your goals there is a lesser chance for you to experience a relapse.

What are my personal reasons for quitting? You want to set the right foot forward. Is it your health or perhaps your family? Your personal reasons for quitting are your greatest motivation.

Are my friends and family willing to help me quit? Your support group is as important as your reasons for quitting. Smoking cessation is a tough process. You’ll need all the help that you can get people around you. They will be your source of strength when things seems worst, and you are about to give up. You can also avail of quit smoking support groups in your area.

How far can I go, in my effort to quit smoking? Quitting an old habit is difficult without having to let go of the things you used to enjoy. This includes, abstaining from social gatherings where you might be tempted to drink or smoke, staying away from smoker friends, and overhauling your routine. How much can you sacrifice for your goal? If you can let go of these as you are willing to give up your smoking

habit, then most likely you are ready to quit smoking.

Do I need smoking cessation drugs or nicotine replacement therapies? Quitting smoking is hard. And sometimes, some smokers can’t quit without the help of quit smoking aids (nicotine patches, gum, Chantix, etc.) While there is several smoking cessation aids that are available, one may not be as effective from one smoker to another. It is still important to consult your physician.

Quitting smoking is a great turn in your life. It introduces a lot of changes not only in your routine but on how you perceive things. Quitting means you are more aware of the dangers of smoking to your health and to your family’s. This also may imply that you are more responsible and mature. It is only but right that you first examine your readiness before you take the leap.



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