5 More Reasons Why You Want to Quit Smoking

There are more reasons for you to quit smoking now. Aside from cancers, lung and heart disease, dry skin, bad breath, etc. – here are 5 more reasons why you want to quit smoking.

Reason #1: You’re expecting a baby. Smoking increases your risk of miscarriage, premature birth, low birth weight anQuit Smoking Todayd other birth defects. Quitting during pregnancy not only lessens these risks, you and your baby will be much healthier.

You can take advantage of the pregnancy symptoms and changes in your routine to stop smoking. Your morning sickness might be helpful in cutting your cigarette cravings. If you find it quite difficult to stay away from cigarettes, there are pregnancy smoking hotlines that offer free help and advice.

Reason #2: You want to be healthier. Smokers have poor stamina compared to non-smokers. Climbing a 4-floor stair would normally squeeze the air out of a smoker’s lungs. Taking a new sport or an outdoor hobby, or simply starting an exercise program can greatly improve not only your endurance but as well as your health. Quitting smoking for a healthier, more active, and happier life is a good motivation to quit. Learning to dance is both fun and a good exercise.

Reason #3: Soon you’ll be a grandparent. Isn’t it wonderful holding your fist grandchild in your arms and spending more time with him or her? But this might not be possible if you’re a smoker. Smoking can harm your grandchild’s health. You might be doing her or him more harm than care. Babies and children exposed to second hand smoke are more likely to suffer from allergies, chest infections, asthma, and breathing problems.

Going outside the house or going to the next room to smoke doesn’t eliminate the risks. Quitting for your grandchild’s sake might all you need to quit smoking forever.

Reason #4: You’re sick. It need not be cancer. It can be an enduring cough, pain in the chest, or anything that has been persistent for a few months which causes discomfort or pain. If you’re feeling anything unusual for weeks or months now, maybe it’s about time that you quit smoking. It might be just in time to save you from a dreadful condition or disease.

Never think it’s too late for you to quit smoking. Your body starts to heal itself the moment you stop smoking. A few hours after you had your last cigarette, you’ll start to feel the changes happening in your body. A few days more and your body have eliminated most of the nicotine in your body and the tissue in your lungs starts to regenerate. The key is quitting as early as possible to give your body more time to heal.

Reason #5: You got hospitalized. Not for smoking, but you found yourself hospitalized for a minor injury or waiting for a major operation. Smoking is not allowed in hospitals. You can take this opportunity to quit smoking for good. Also, abstaining from cigarettes for good can speed up your recovery from any injuries or illness. Nicotine and other harmful compounds found in cigarettes slow down the regeneration or healing. These chemical also suppresses your immune system, so you are more prone to infection. Quitting smoking lessens your risks.

There are a lot more reasons for quitting and it may vary from one person to another, but the bottom line is, your life is better off without cigarettes.



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