3 Oral Health Issues that Can Be Improved By Quitting Smoking

Having good oral health does not only entitle you to whiter teeth and fresher breath. It is also an indicator of a healthy heart and a stronger immune system. Smoking does not only cause oral health problems, but also worsen existing conditions. Good thing, most of these problems can be reversed by quitting the habit.Smokers Breath

Below are three of the most common oral health symptoms that can be remedied by quitting smoking:

White Gums

When you smile you want to see white teeth and pink gums, not white gums. Cigarette smoking interferes with the normal functioning of the tissue cells, which cause blood flow restrictions and complications inside the mouth and lead to a condition called “white gums”. People with healthy gums have ample blood flow, while smokers often have issues maintaining proper blood flow in their gums, resulting to this oral health problem.

The good news is that with cessation, your tissue cells will repair themselves and return to their normal health. While white gums don’t get cured overnight, they should return to their normal pinkish color after days and weeks of quitting, along with regular dental visits.

Bad Breath/Halitosis

This oral health problem is a big “turn-off” to potential partners. Cigarette smoke and inhalation can directly cause bad breath. Here’s why: after smoking, cigarette and smoke particles remain in the throat, mouth, and lungs, causing a bad odor to develop and remain. Another thing, smoking causes dry mouth, which provides a climate that bacteria loves to grow in.  A mix of cigarette particles, bacteria growth, and the lasting environment can all lead to bad breath or halitosis.

By removing all these factors, expect that your breath will return to normal. By practicing proper hygiene, such as daily brushing and flossing, you can trim down the growth of bad breath-causing bacteria and develop fresher breath.

Loss of Taste

Wonder why your pasta doesn’t taste good as it should? Smokers have this common problem – reduced sense of taste due to hot fumes they breathe in. The good news is that this oral health symptom can be reversed within two weeks of cessation. After quitting smoking, you are likely to notice huge improvements in your sense of taste, as well as smell. So mark your calendar and treat yourself with a dish or two at your favorite restaurant!

Cigarette smoking can cause real dangers to your health, and they could include oral health problems. These oral health conditions mentioned in this post can be reversed or improved within weeks to months of quitting. So if you’re looking to improve your oral health, consider quit smoking today.



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