4 Reasons Why Some “Quit Smoking” Techniques Fail

Quitting smoking is more than just removing nicotine from your daily life. Some smokers try to quit only to fail in the end. And notwithstanding how hard they try, nothing would work.

You can endure chewing on nicotine gum every day or using 14 patches a week only to find yourself buying a pack of cigarette when you pass a gas station or a convenient store. So what are the reasons behind why our quit smoking efforts fail?Getting Help In Quitting

Reason #1: Availability of Cigarettes

Unlike prohibited drugs, cigarettes are always available to almost all locations around your office or home. It takes too little effort to find the next convenient store to buy a pack and there is nothing there to stop you from buying. You don’t have to find someone just to get your next nicotine fix. You don’t have to go down the back alleys. It only takes less than a few minutes and the “dealer” will gladly hand you the pack as he takes your cash at the register.

Reason #2: Psychological Implication

Some smokers would light cigarettes while sitting on their desk as they browse the internet or while they finish their office report, and most of the time, the cigarettes just burn out without even exceeding 4 or 5 puffs. However, it becomes a psychological habit to have cigarettes while working late on paperwork, or while browsing the internet. The same applies to smoking after meals or driving. It now becomes part of your mental state to light up a cigarette to be able to complete these kinds of tasks.

Reason #3: Lack of Will Power

The lack of will power has become the pit falls for most smokers. It may have been different if the cigarettes are not easily available. But since this is not the case, you need to have that will power to quit. Your brain that is addicted to nicotine can easily gag that part of you that want to quit if you cannot muster a strong will. For instance, you did a great job not smoking the whole morning only to find yourself unconsciously lighting up after you had your lunch or when a friend offers you a stick. Now you can only break the habit if you can develop a strong conscious will through practice and with the right smoking cessation aids.

Reason #4: Ineffective Imagery

Maybe you have seen photos or commercials of what an organ of a smoker looks like or the statistics of how many people die each year because of smoking. For an average smoker, you’ll feel disgusted looking at these photos and commercials yet you continue puffing on your cigarette. These imageries as a way of discouragement are no longer very effective. Authorities and institutions have to develop a different type of positive imagery. Maybe a campaign add or a commercial addressing the psychological aspects of helping a smoker quit will do.

Breaking free from a habit all boils down to your will power and state of mind, if you believe that you can succeed in quitting smoking, chances are you will. But if you think the other way, sooner or later you’ll fail. However, don’t forget that the psychological aspect is only one part. You also have to be strong physically and emotionally.



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