Quit Smoking: Building Your Support System

Time and again, research has shown that people who seek help from a health professional, coach or a support group, along with using a smoking cessation method, are more likely to quit smoking than those who simply rely on medications. Having someone beside you through the quitting process is an excellent way to get through the ups and downs of smoking cessation and prevent any chance of relapse.

You will be surprised to know that many people, not just those within your circle, are happy about your decision to quit smoking. Below are the people/groups that can provide you with adequate support as you journey towards a smoke-free life.

Family & Friends

Your friends and family, especially your parents, want nothing but your success and good health. They can be your biggest source of support. But first off, you need to inform your friends and family that you are quitting smoking, especially your smoking buddies. They may not quit with you, but they can distant themselves when they are smoking so you don’t get tempted to light up. Your family and friends can be an open set of arms when times get tough. They are also your biggest cheerleaders when you reach a milestone.

Support Groups

Apart from people close to you, you can also get support from those who you haven’t even met before, but share similar experiences with you. Research has shown that joining a support group is an effective approach to quitting smoking. By joining one, you can find people who are able to relate with you and understand what you are going through. They can share tips on how they manage smoking cravings, and vice versa (you can also share them how you do it). A support group can help you understand that what you are experiencing right now is not unique, or that you are not the only smoker in the world who’s having a hard time quitting.

Web-Based Communities

Support can be found on the internet too. Using the internet is a quick and convenient way of finding and building your support system. There are a number of quit smoking websites, some of which have been created by health authorities like the American Lung Association, that can give you all the tools, information and advice needed to make your quit smoking journey a success.

Smoking Cessation Hotlineshand writing contact us

Sometimes, talking with a stranger over the phone is easier than confiding with a friend or family member. In times like this, you can greatly benefit from smoking cessation hotlines. Some hotlines are fee-based, but most are free. Here, you can talk with a smoking cessation specialist, a counselor, or a healthcare professional who can give you advice about quitting smoking. Smoking cessation hotlines are a good place to call when you’re in need of someone to listen.

Quitting smoking is easier when you have a support system. A strong support system can help you deal with the anxiety and frustrations of quitting, and provide you information on how to make the most of your new smoke-free life.



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