Light Smoking and Its Effects

Do you consider yourself a social smoker? Do you smoke a few cigarettes every day? These potential effects of light smoking might change your mind and stop smoking for good.

#1. Light smoking also leads to nicotine addiction. a man wearing a suit smoking a cigarette

Notwithstanding the fact that you only smoke a few cigarettes, you can still develop nicotine addiction.

Before you knew it one cigarette can quickly turn into one pack of cigarettes per day. By then you’re

already susceptible to all the health problems as regular smokers do.

#2. Light smoking wastes your money.

Regardless how many sticks of cigarette you smoke every day, you still spend money to buy them. For

instance, say you spend about $5 every week to buy cigarettes. By the end of every year, you could have

added $260 to your savings. You could have bought a healthy snack or have an additional allowance or

even spend it for leisure.

#3. Light smoking can lead to heart disease.

Several studies suggest that light smokers have almost the same risk as regular smokers. Nicotine and

other substances found in cigarette smoke causes similar harmful effects to your body.

#4. Light smoking can also cause lung cancer.

When talking about the effects of smoking, it’s difficult to avoid the topic on lung cancer. While it is true

that light smokers have a lower risk compared to regular smokers, the former are still at higher risk of

developing lung cancer than those who do not smoke.

#5. Light smoking wastes your time.

How long does it take to consume one stick of cigarette, 10 minutes? Going for a break to light a

cigarette not only wastes your money, it also wastes your time and you can never get it back. If you

spend 10 minutes for one stick and you smoke 4 times in a day, you waste 40 minutes every day for

something that is never beneficial. These 40 minutes could have been used to finish your paperwork or

spend it for something productive.

#6. Light smoking turns you to someone you are not.

Smoking, no matter how many cigarettes you smoke, is still smoking. Even if you constantly make

excuses for it, it is still smoking and you cannot change that fact. You become a poor role model to your

children, or even a threat to their health. You become someone that is undesirable to your family. Also,

don’t forget that your unhealthy choices can affect your children (and theirs).

#7. Light smoking also contributes to high mortality rate.

Studies suggest that light smokers are 90% at risk of dying from smoking related diseases than non-
smokers. Light smoking increases your chance of dying early.

Most people think that if they unhealthy choices only once in a while, they’re not really doing any

serious harm to themselves. But from the information provided above, you’ll now know that this belief

is not true, especially that it is smoking that we are talking about. Smoking affects everyone around you.

This includes your newborn daughter, your 60 year old parents, or the baby sitter. Smoking is smoking

and it yields the same effect.



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