These Cleverly Designed Cigarettes Might Help Wean Off Smoking Addiction

Taiwanese Yi Wen-Tseng’s new design of cigarettes might help wean off smoking addiction.

imagesHe studied the common habits of smokers and redesigned cigarettes that would, in a way, help them quit smoking with fun and humor. He gave cigarettes 4 ingenious overhauls.

“Test Your Luck”

Cigarettes in this pack have varying lengths of filter. You can methodically choose to smoke cigarettes with shorter filters first and make your way down to cigarettes with longer filters and with almost no tobacco at all. Or you can play Russian roulette, grabbing cigarettes in random.

“Partners in Crime”

When quitting smoking, it doesn’t matter what you smoke, but how much cigarettes you smoke. Cigarettes in this pack are especially designed so you can easily snap them in the middle. This means, you and your partner have less tobacco to smoke for the day. This is perfect for sharing with your smoking buddies who also wanted to quit soon.

“Smoking Calendar”

It’s easy to convince yourself that you have smoke just enough for the day. But with these packs of cigarettes you’ll know how many cigarettes you exactly smoked in a day. Tseng designed these cigarettes to remind you how frequently you light up. The cigarette packs are labeled by month, and each stick is embossed with the days of a month. If you smoke all the days of June in just one day, that might be an indication that it’s about time that you cut down on your cigarettes.

“These Butts are Yours”

Cigarettes in this pack have an assigned numbers. This makes it easier for your family or someone to track your cigarette consumption. The cigarette butts can easily point back to you.

Fascinatingly, these new designs were really not meant to help smokers quit the habit, at least not at first. It is simply for the purpose of giving smoking a small twist and fun. But the change in the habit can be a good start when quitting smoking for good. This in fact may encourage smokers to slowly wean off their cigarette consumption.

Cigarettes are cigarettes, and cigarette smoke contains harmful compounds whatever form the cigarettes have. This is not however, intended to encourage non-smokers to try smoking, this redesigned cigarettes are being offered as a fun way of weaning off the habit of smoking.

Quitting cold Turkey is really commendable, but for some quitting is simply something that don’t come over night. It is even sometimes a lifetime battle to win. These cleverly designed cigarettes might be a helpful alternative for someone who is planning to quit smoking in a less taxing way.



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