5 Fun & Helpful Activities When Dealing with a Crowd of Smokers

The first few days and weeks of quitting smoking are often the hardest to deal with. But once you have completely eliminated nicotine from your system, you begin to realise that you don’t need cigarettes in your life. However, it is also a fact that more people choose not to quit the habit and seeing them light up can spark the urge to smoke within you. And while there are endless of options on things to do while your friends, workmates or relatives smoke during cigarette breaks, the following ideas have more benefits other than helping curb your appetite to smoke.

Listen to Music

It’s always a good idea to bring your music player and pair of earphones with you anywhere you go, so when you’ve come across a crowd that smokes, you have something else to get busy on. Music therapy is very effective in calming the mind. It also relaxes your body, which gets anxious whenever you are experiencing nicotine cravings.

SmokersCall a Friend

If you’re like many people tell themselves they need to make time to call this person from high school or that old co-worker they miss, but never do, this is a great opportunity to do that long awaited phone call. Not only will a couple of quick phone calls can keep your mind busy and reduce your nicotine cravings, it is also a great way to keep up with those important in your life and to let them know it.

Get a Book

Reading is one way to get your mind busy in a very useful and efficient way. Not only will it prevent you from lighting up, but reading can also give you access to so many insights and information. Whether it’s a magazine, a novel or a science book – you are sure to learn something. Isn’t that incredible? Read something that you find interesting. When you do, you might find yourself as if you are in a trance – you can’t see others light cigarettes, you can’t even smell the smoke. There’s only you and your book.

Do Quick Errands

Why not make your break something more productive than health-destroying? You will feel better when can end your work day earlier than usual and perhaps be able to drag a third reward out later with your extra time.

Play a Challenging Mind Game

Download a word game or a puzzle app on your phone so you will have something mentally challenging to engage with while your colleagues take their cigarette break. Isn’t it good to know that you are doing something to improve many elements of your brain than something that kill your neurons and toxic your brain? After all, research shows that the more we use our brain, the sharper it gets.

So don’t feel hopeless whenever you are in a crowd of smokers. You can fight nicotine cravings by keeping yourself busy with these options, that are luckily, come with moooore benefits.



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