Top 5 Pointless Reasons People Start Smoking

Despite figures showing that smoking causes an incredible number of deaths, the smoking population still increases each year, with an average of 5 million new smokers. This is really disturbing, considering the fact that smoking is rated as one of the top causes of preventable disease and premature death worldwide.

Stressful BusinesswomanIt is just fitting to know why people start smoking in the first place. Why do they choose to try lighting up knowing that it endangers their health and put them in the never-ending loop of addiction?

According to research, the following are 5 most common reasons why people start smoking. And the most surprising of all – they are so, so pointless.

They think it makes them feel better.

Some people report feeling calmer and more alert whenever they smoke. But there is no scientific proof for this. While scientists acknowledge this fact, they call it “psychological dependence”. And instead of addressing the issue of psychological dependence, many people continue to see smoking as a ‘cure’ for their mental problems like anxiety, depression, hyperactivity, and so on.

They think it makes them slimmer.

Again, despite the lack of scientific proof, more and more people are turning into cigarettes as a means to lose weight. While it’s true that smoking does suppress the appetite for many, just as caffeine does, it weakens the body and hinders healthy weight loss. It also makes further physical activity more difficult, thus defeating itself as any type of weight control method.

They do it just because others, especially their friends, do.

Many people, especially younger ones, pick up the habit of smoking because they see others smoke. Their dad or mom smokes, their siblings smoke, their classmates and friends smoke, and everyone else they come across with smokes. While peer pressure is often seen among younger people, it also happens among adults, especially in the workplace. One may feel like he or she is ‘out of place’ when during breaks because most of their colleagues are out there smoking. Education is the best tool to use in the fight against peer pressure. Informing smokers about the dangers of their habit may not only prevent them from forcing you to light up, but can also discourage them from continuing to smoke.

Their idols smoke.

It is just normal for someone to imitate someone he or she idolizes or looks up to. But many people forget to skip the traits that aren’t really good, such as the habit of smoking. Even though an adult may tell their growing teen that smoking is dangerous and addictive, if they do it with a cigarette on their hand, those words mean very little. Aside from their parents and relatives, many children are being influenced to smoke by their favorite celebrities.

These ‘silly’ reasons for smoking have put millions of lives in danger. Each day, thousands of people die from the ill effects of smoke. Despite these, the population of smoker seems to never stop from growing. While these reasons for smoking are silly, the reasons to stop are not. If you’re finding it hard to quit, start with citing the reasons why you should.



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