6 Ways How to Deal with the Cravings When You See Someone Smoking

Among the greatest adversaries of someone who’s trying to quit smoking is seeing other people smoke. It can immediately trigger a craving or the desire for a stick of cigarette. And, mind you, it can be very difficult to resist. Seeing people doing what you’re depriving yourself of is way too difficult. But what is important is to learn to control your triggers and cravings when they crop up.Cigarette Butts

Seeing someone smoke is among the worst triggers because, even with the bad reputation, high taxes and prohibitions, people seems not to mind and they simply puff away almost everywhere you look. Whether you’re watching an old smoking buddy or seeing Brad Pitt smoke in a movie, you will run into cigarettes constantly.

Ways to Cope With Seeing Someone Smoke

  • Watching a character smoke in a movie can spark your cravings instantly. You can use a simple coping technique, like having a gum beside you or anything to keep your mouth busy throughout the movie. A cold glass of water or your favorite drink or fruit juice can also help control the cravings. But make sure to avoid alcoholic drinks. It can lessen your inhibitions and trigger cravings too.
  • Look away. Office breaks can be very difficult for former smokers. Seeing your former smoking buddies enjoying their cigarettes is very heart breaking. Look away and have a healthy snack instead. You can try snacking on vegetable salad. Vegetables and fruits are good craving busters.
  • If you’re a movie goer, try watching live plays, musicals, or other performances where smoking is prohibited and the actors and performers don’t usually portray smokers in a way that can trigger your cravings. On the same hand, avoid going to clubs or comedy bars if you don’t want to end up seeing smokers.
  • When you see someone smokes spend at least a few minutes to engage in activities that will take keep your mind off that image. Do sports, exercise, read, or go for a short walk. This can help you focus on your goal to quit smoking for good and avoid a relapse.
  • Keep nicotine replacement therapies handy. Sometimes, it pays to always carry a nicotine inhaler or nicotine spray with you especially when things become tougher or when you’re suddenly hit by cravings. These products can help you lessen or ease your cravings for a cigarette.
  • Recognize the fact that you can never forever run away from images of people smoking. In some point, you’ll be confronted by this scenario. Even former smokers, who quitted decades ago, are very much susceptible to a relapse. The best thing to do is to simply never put your guard down. Always keep your triggers under a close watch. A relapse can happen even under a clear blue sky.



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