6 Anti-Smoking Groups that Had Made Great Contributions to Protecting Lives

More and more groups worldwide are being organized in an effort to lower smoking rates and save thousands of lives from being destroyed by the most abused drug in the world: cigarettes. Most of these groups focus on the health dangers of tobacco in both the smoker and the person being exposed to it. Some of them also provide additional support, in the form of counseling, forums, studies, and sponsorships. Some groups provide a virtual support network for people wanting to quit smoking. Such networks include vast information and resources to make quitting easier. Lastly, these groups utilize legislation to enact stricter bans. By presenting scientific experiments and data, they are able to convince the government to come up with stricter policies about smoking.healthcare and medicine concept - smiling female doctor with ste

Here are some of the anti-smoking groups that are playing a big role in the fight against smoking:

American Heart Association

Lung cancer is the most common form of cancers these days, and research shows that its major cause has always been smoking. This group provides vast resources for smokers trying to quit. These resources include articles and blogs, phone numbers of various help lines, study findings, and detailed reports on how smoking damages the body.

American Lung Association

This well-established group does not only advocate against smoking, they also provide reliable resources to help people quit. What’s more, every bit of information they provide is backed with scientific scrutiny.

American Legacy Foundation

Aside from the health hazards of smoking, this group also focuses on the detrimental effects of cigarettes on the environment. Another part of their efforts is to keep youths from becoming smokers. The American Legacy Foundation regularly provides educational outreach, community initiatives and research to raise awareness about the effects of cigarette smoking.

American Cancer Society

This group provides the general public with helpful information on anything they want to know about nicotine use and addiction. On their website, you will also find plenty of resources, including quit-smoking helplines, articles, and forums. The American Cancer Society also provides a comprehensive program for anyone who is having problems trying to stay nicotine-free.

Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids

This group focuses on the effects of tobacco and nicotine on children and teens. Data suggests that children as young as 13 years old are already picking up the habit. And because they start early, the health dangers tobacco has on their body tend to be more severe than those who started smoking late.

Framework Convention Alliance

This is an internationally recognized organization that campaigns heavily to try and bring tobacco use to the forefront of global issues. They are pushing for tax/rate increase on cigarettes and banning all advertising for tobacco products.

There are many other groups that provide valuable resources to help smokers quit and discourage the people from smoking. We should thank them because they have been providing great contributions to save and protect lives.



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