Immediate Benefits of Quitting Smoking

Kicking your smoking habit offers great benefits that you either notice right away or improve over time. The health benefits of smoking becomes apparent the moment you quit smoking and continues to improve as you go along.

Quit Smoking Word Cloud Concept On A BlackboardQuitting also offers immediate benefits like:

  • Whiter teeth,
  • Improved sense of smell and taste,
  • Improved stamina,
  • Good smelling hair and clothes,
  • Fresher breath,
  • Healthier fingernails, and
  • Healthier skin,

Aside from this list, quitting smoking also offers other important benefits which you get to enjoy right after your last cigarette.

You get to save extra money. Well, smoking is really expensive. To give you a hint of how big you spend for cigarettes, try to multiply the amount you spend for cigarettes for one day by 365, the number of days you smoke in a year. The amount will definitely surprise you. Now what if you multiply it say by 15 years more. Now the amount will surprise you even more, this does not include the expenses you might incurred for medicines and hospitalization because of smoking-related illnesses. On the brighter side, this is the same amount you’ll save if you quit smoking now.

You become more socially acceptable. Because of the growing awareness on the negative effects of smoking and secondhand smoke, smokers are less socially accepted. Offices, restaurants, apartments, schools, universities, and other institutions and public places have their own rules against smoking.

The economic implication of smokers in a workplace has been a big concern for business owners. They get to pay high insurance premiums, sick leaves, etc. because of smoking. So, some employers would prioritize applicants who are not smokers.

Public and private schools also ban smoking inside campus premises. Today, it is common for colleges to ban smoking in all school buildings, and around campus premises. Also, landlords may opt not to let smokers occupy their units since insurance and maintenance costs may go up if they let a smoker lives in their buildings.

The people around get to enjoy a healthier environment. Smoking not only harms your health but as well as the health of all the people around you. Quitting smoking ensures that your family, friends, and peers live a healthier environment.

For the past fifty years, secondhand smoke has been responsible for almost 3 million deaths. The large body of studies have continuously established the dangers of secondhand smoke exposure from lung cancer to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS. It can also cause eye irritation, nausea, headaches, and dizziness.

You become a good example. Your children look up to your actions. If you have children and you smoke, there is a greater possibility that your children will become smokers to. Statistics reveal that most smokers would not want their children to smoke. But children whose parents are smokers are most likely to pick the habit even at a younger age.

If don’t want your kids to end up with cancer, it is best that you quit smoking now and become a good example to your children.



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