Women, Sexual Health, and Smoking

Smoking among women has deeper roots. History would tell that smoking was among the means women before used to lobby equality with men. Cigarette was then seen as men’s penis a symbol of sexual power, so women smoke to have their own penises. Gone were the days of men and women inequality, and cigarette smoking has now become prevalent among men and women alike. Tobacco companies should be commended for their prompt efforts in taking advantage of whatever situation to further their interest.

Retro Portrait Of Beautiful Woman With CigaretteWhile women have gained recognition in the society, they have lost the battle they never thought they were involved – their battle against tobacco companies and the harmful effects of smoking.

Smoking can cause cancer, lung and heart diseases, and other life threatening illnesses. But aside from these common harmful effects, smoking has more damaging effects on women’s sexual health which can affect not only her overall health but as well as the future generations.

Smoking and Menstrual Cycle

Women smokers are more likely to have irregular and painful menstrual periods, and the pain may last longer. Quitting smoking can help improve painful periods.

Also, nicotine reduces estrogen production in the body which can result to early menopausal. Female smokers are at risk, on the average, to 2 years earlier menopausal than non-smokers. This also increases the risk of osteoporosis among women smokers.

Women, Smoking, and Cancer

Research suggest that cigarette smoking increases the risk of cervical cancer. The harmful chemicals found in cigarette smoke affect the cervical cells. Statistics also reveals that about 30% of cervical cancer deaths are associated to smoking.

Women smokers are also 2 times at risk of vulvar cancer than non-smokers.

Women, Sex, and Smoking

Though there’s no research or study which directly links smoking to female’s poor performance and satisfaction in bed, reasons would suggest that since smoking affects proper blood flow around the body, there is a great possibility that the same applies to the clitoris and vagina. The restricted blood flow can affect the arousal and reduce the pleasure women feel during sexual intercourse.

Women, Fertility, and Smoking

Women who smoke or have smoked in the past may have difficulty conceiving a child. Harmful chemicals found in cigarette smoke harm the ovaries. The longer you smoke or had smoke, the longer it will take you to conceive. This doesn’t mean however that smoking is a contraceptive.

Women, Pregnancy, and Smoking

Smoking while pregnant puts both the mother and her baby at greater risk for various health conditions. Not only does it increases the mother’s risk for serious health problems during pregnancy and delivery, but it is also among the most preventable cause of infant deaths. Smoking also increases the risk of ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage. Women smokers are also more likely to have babies with low birth weight.

Women, Contraception, and Smoking

Women smokers who are on pills, patch, and IUD are at greater risk of various health issues. For instance, a female smoker who is 35 years old and older is ten times at risk of heart attack and stroke than nonsmokers.



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