Up for the Stoptober Challenge? Here are Smart Tips to Ensure Your Success

They said that “October” is the month of “independence” or the month of “freedom”. It is the time to release ourselves from unpleasant things. A perfect time to start living a healthier and fruitful life!

Female hands crushing cigarettesAnd because it’s October, it’s also STOPOBER! This is the 28-day National Stop-smoking challenge campaign that’s being participated by thousands of smokers worldwide. While it seems fun, this can be one of the most challenging things for people who are addicted to cigarettes.

But don’t worry, here are some great tips that will make it easier for you to win this challenge and quit smoking for good!

  • Take the challenge seriously. Being serious about quitting smoking is one of the great things you can do for your health. List down your reasons to quit. They can strengthen your will to pursue the challenge.
  • Compute how much money you are spending for your smoking habit. Count how many hours you are working just to pay for it. Finding its cost can be difficult but you have to do this. Make a total estimated cost and it will get you from quitting fast.
  • Know your smoking triggers and find a better strategy to deal with them. Is hunger making you light up? Food is the answer, not cigarettes. Angry? Find someone to talk to about your feelings. Feeling lonely? Bored? You go out to walk or jog, watch movies or perform activities that will help you ease the feelings of boredom. Allow yourself to control smoke-free craving.
  • Being creative is also helpful. Create something that will make you feel happy. You can also write inspirational poems and songs about giving up cigarettes. Or you can even keep your family pictures and make them your inspirations whenever you have the urge to smoke.
  • Stay away from all the things that will intensify your cigarette cravings. Beware of it. Once you learn to recognize your own personal smoking triggers, it won’t be hard for you to quit from smoking.
  • Visualize success. Write down each day you don’t smoke. Doing this will motivate you to become more motivated to keep going.
  • And lastly, set reward targets. Once you quit from smoking you should give yourself a prize. It could be something that will make you feel special. Or something that will complete your needs and appetite. Go out with friends or shop and buy the things you are longing for.

Great determination is important when you are trying to quit. For even years after you quit, there’s still a possibility of relapse. So don’t take the chance to be deceived in this kind of dreadful situation. Take the Stoptober challenge and be ready for a healthier, happier life.



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