5 Signs You’re Ready to Quit (and Succeed)

Aside from the risks given by cigarette to your health, we all know that it is also highly addictive. When people are addicted they are obsess in seeking that something even though they know the harm it could cause. Many can stop smoking but when cravings provoke, they go back to their same old habit.

Portrait of young woman ready to opt for e-cigaretteAnd that is the reason why psychotherapists agree to the importance of creating a plan to stop smoking, which helps determine whether people who want to quit are truly mentally and psychologically prepared. This means that a person who is addicted to smoking is ready to deal with cigarette cravings. They must believe that the benefits of quitting mean a long-term enjoyment of life.

Why is quitting smoking difficult?

According to one study, many ex-smokers say quitting is the most difficult thing they ever did. Once a person is addicted to nicotine they have the feeling of tranquil and satisfaction. The more they smoke the more nicotine they need to feel good. People smoke because it is a big part of their lives. They smoke if they are tense, bored or irritated.

Quitting is not easy. It may take several times. But when you try, you will learn. It takes determination and strength to beat your addiction to cigarettes. So when you are really sincere in quitting you must ready to deal with your cravings. You must show the following “signs “:

  • Psychotherapist and certified specialists in smoking cessation say that a person who wants to quit from smoking must have internal motivation to become successful. Remember, do not quit just because someone else’s forcing you.
  • In this case, people who smoke must understand the benefits of quitting are far more important than the benefits of smoking. Make a list of the negative aspects of smoking, and then you will realize it is more important than any positive reasons for continuing the habit. From that, your quitting will be successful.
  • People must understand the health risks of smoking. They must aware that whether they experiencing it or not, by the time they feel them it may be too late. So it is important to know how cigarette smoking affects your health and then, you’re ready to quit.
  • You must have a support system in your place. It can be helpful to consult a therapist especially if you’re having problems dealing with nicotine cravings. You need also the support of your family and friends to encourage you more.
  • When you are quitting you should have a plan. And that plan must have the rules to be followed. And when following the rules; self-discipline is very important. Determination, sincerity and loyalty are also important. You must have that “urges” to be followed. Then, you are ready to quit.

All these signs tell that one is ready to quit smoking for good. If you think you are not ready yet, consider following the above tips and suggestions to prepare yourself. After all, quitting can be one of the best decisions you will make in life.



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