5 Signs You’re Not Taking Your Quit Seriously

It’s odd but it happens sometimes, not taking your quit seriously. Maybe your aware of it or maybe not. But regardless of whether you’re conscious or unconscious, it’s blocking your success. So it’s important that you identify these red flags that you’re not serious about your quit.

bigstock-Young-woman-is-breaking-a-ciga-63226240You’re quitting because somebody told you to. Quitting smoking is a personal journey, not because someone is nagging about it. You quit just to stop them. You’ll simply find yourself lighting a cigarette after a few days or skipping your next therapy session. You should achieve what is called self-realization. You wanted to quit because you want to, and you want to be a better you. It will make it easier for you to quit smoking if you’ll be more willing to quit.

You still keep that one last cigarette in your pocket. Just in case you’ll need to light one cigarette you can always reach for one. You keep a pack of cigarette in your cabinet or drawer just in case you’ll need them again someday. You’re not serious about your quit. If you want to move on, you have to let go of everything that connects you to your old smoking habit. If can’t let go, you’re not yet ready to move on. It will only be very difficult for you to quit because you’re always holding back. Let go and embrace your new life, free from nicotine addiction.

You still grunt that you can’t smoke when you’re stressed. If you still feel this way, most probably you still see smoking as your only way to ease your stress and your only outlet. You’re not serious about your quit. If you want to succeed, you need to change the way your mind works. You have to change your outlook in life. And you have to see smoking as your worst enemy and not a friend. Finding a healthier habit or getting a new sports to relieve your stress is an excellent move to help you succeed.

You’re not ready to deal with unexpected smoking situation. You sudden bump into your old smoking pal and you were tempted to light one cigarette, and it feel good, the smoking rushing into your lungs, and you feel the old feeling of satisfaction. You’re not ready to quit. Part of your quit is learning how to say no to cigarettes no matter how tempting it is. You should be able to prepare yourself for these unexpected situations and take control of your cravings. It is hard but, you must find a way to overcome it somehow.

You forget to turn up on your counseling meeting. It only tells that you’re less committed to your quit. If you want to succeed you need to stay committed throughout the whole process. Forgetting important appointments with your quit smoking counselor is a sign that you don’t commit yourself to the process. Keep your focus if you want to achieve your goals. Remember why you want to quit. Remind yourself of the good things quitting has brought you. This way you’ll stay on track towards success.

Before you start with your quit dig deep within you. Try to look for the real reasons why you want to quit. Be more willing and committed to the process. Be honest to yourself, if you’re not yet ready, don’t force it, take it slowly until you finally decide to quit. It will be much easier for you.



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