Getting Ready for a Cigarette-Free Life – 5 Simple Ways

Quitting smoking today can be the best thing you can do for yourself. You can only enjoy life when you are well. If you are a smoker, you have a greater chance of contracting serious health problems sooner or later.

Quit Smoking - Pestle With Cigarettes Isolated Over WhiteIf you’re thinking of quitting today, give yourself a pat on the shoulder. You’re one step ahead to a healthier life. But most probably, you are not so sure how and where to start.

Getting Ready to Quit

When it comes to quitting smoking, some people find it very helpful to plan ahead. If you consider yourself a ‘chain smoker’, or you smoke at least 20 cigarettes per day, you are more likely to experience the withdrawal symptoms at a certain time. These symptoms can be hard to deal with, and can greatly increase the possibility of relapse.

And you don’t want this to happen.

Getting ready to quit smoking involves educating yourself and finding out which method works for you bets. It can be helpful to contact a health professional to get first-hand information, tips and advice about quitting. Telephone helplines operated by your state can also help you find information and support for quitting smoking.

You must also check with your health insurance provider if they cover the medicines or treatments you are going to use to quit smoking. Most smoking cessation services, including counseling, are covered by health plans. Your employer may also assist you with the bills.

Here are some other ways to get ready to quit smoking:

Set your goals. To achieve a long-term goal like quitting smoking, a good strategy is to break it into smaller goals. That’s because every time you reach a goal, you will feel a sense of pride, which in turn strengthens your motivation towards a cigarette-free life. Setting a personal action plan can help you reach your goals.

Set your goals clearly. Your goals must be specific so you will know where and how exactly to start. Write down your goals, or tell someone what you are trying to do. Goals should include a detailed action plan. For example, “I will start limiting the number of cigarettes I smoke every week by 10”, or “I will see a smoking specialist this weekend”.

Set a quit date. And stick to it. You may choose a special date, like your birthday or your mom’s birthday.

Reward yourself for meeting your goals. Smoking cessation is often a difficult process. You can make things lighter by celebrating the milestones you go through.

Be realistic. You may be very excited and positive about your plan to quit smoking. Be sure to set realistic goals. Setting a timeline for quitting is definitely helpful.

Quitting smoking is easy when you are prepared. Hope these simple tips can help you get started.



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