7 Helpful Ways to Help You Quit for Good

Quitting smoking is never easy. While there are different quit smoking cessation aids available to help you quit (i.e. Chantix, patches, gums, etc.), these may no longer be enough to keep you quit for good (though they may be very effective in helping you ditch the habit, but these smoking cessation aids cannot assure that you stay quit). If you want to quit smoking for good you have to change the way how you see things and have a deeper understanding on what you want to achieve in the end. Below are 7 helpful tips to help you stay quit.

Macro Closeup Of Class A Filter Cigarettes, IsolatedStart by changing the way you think. You can stay away from cigarettes for several years, but if you don’t change the ties you have with smoking, that bond will continue to drag you back to the habit. Change the way how you think so you can liberate yourself from that bondage. Of course you still have to work your way out of the habit, but once you’ve freed your mind, you are on your way to a lifetime success.

Take little steps at a time, rushing makes it only harder. Your recovery is a gradual process. The symptoms of nicotine withdrawal are quite difficult to deal with. Live one day at a time and try to focus on that moment and forget about the tomorrow and the future. This way you’ll have an easier time dealing with it. Those little steps will go miles in time.

Quitting is never a race. It’s not a destination you need to reach, rather it is a journey that you have to learn from. Take your time. Learn. Heal. And recover. Let the healing process unfold as it will. Putting too much weight upon your shoulder will only lead you to failure. Learn from your experience and from other’s, but don’t let it overcome you. Your quit is yours and yours alone.

Use the momentum as your tool. Everyone start their quit on day one, endure the hell week, and overcome the discomfort of quitting beyond that. Every day without cigarette makes you stronger and more capable of succeeding. The benefits are indiscernible at first, but they are taking place just the same. Each day you are building a momentum that can push you forward more easily as the days pass by. Use it to achieve the objectives you once thought as impossible.

Only through time that you will heal. In time, smoking will lost its significance in your life. Once you have gained deeper understanding of the process, you’ll begin to change the way you see smoking. Once the triggers are gone, and you have learned new healthier habits, you’ll find yourself thinking of smoking less and lesser. And this only happens through time. Healing does not come overnight. It is a journey.

Freedom comes in different stages. There will be ups and downs through your journey. There are times that you’ll succeed and there are more times that you will fail. It is never a straight road. There will be detours and stop-overs. Have the patience to go through these along the way as you move forward.

Be thankful. You are your worst enemy. An appreciative heart will see you through the destructive grimaces of the mind. A day without cigarette is something you have to be thankful of. As you go through your journey build appositive attitude that will benefit you not only through your quit but in your life after quitting smoking.



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