8 Important Life Lessons You Need to Learn for A Successful Quit

Quitting does not end after you decided to quit smoking, rather it is a lifelong process that has its ups and downs, and its twists and turns. And if you want to succeed on your next quit, this life lessons might help you.

No Smoking SignKnow what you’re into. Quitting is never easy to anyone. But having a deeper understanding about what nicotine addiction is and the whole processes involved when quitting might draw the line between success and failure. Educate yourself, read, and seek professional help before jumping into quitting. Arm yourself with knowledge.

Negativity doesn’t help. Cast away all the negativity. You will often hear more discouragement than inspiration like “you’re too old to quit”, or “quitting is way too difficult”, or “you’ll just fail”. Free yourself from these negative thoughts. Quitting is hard, and it’s a fact. Negativity will only make it harder for you.

Change is hard, but it is an important part of life. You may fear what lies ahead. Embrace change and things will be a little easier for you. Quitting can be very hard. You get to change everything from your day-to-day routine to how you see life. Embrace the process, you need it to become a better you.

Look further, don’t confine yourself to what is conventional. You know smoking is bad. They say it in books, you see it everywhere. But amidst it, what do you see? Are willing to take the plunge and go out of your comfort zone? Giving up the habit of smoking takes more than just raw determination, you have to wield a strong will and courage. It is a battle you need to win. You may fear it, but if you can just embrace that fear, and keep your eyes on the price that lies ahead, you can make it through.

Patience is your ally. It takes time to heal. Time will come that smoking will mean nothing to you, but only if you have the patience to wait and work for it. Walk your journey one step at a time. Take little steps, walk and learn everything from your journey. These little steps will turn into miles. And before you knew it, you’ll find freedom.

Live what you have learned. Apply your learning. It is not enough that you learn, live it. It’s not enough that you know that smoking is bad to your health and to the people around you. Live a healthier life by quitting smoking, and never look back. Discover a new healthy habit. Exercise. Eat healthy food. And encourage other to walk the path you have taken – a nicotine-free life.

Take advantage of the momentum. It may be difficult for you to get by the day without smoking. But as you go on, it will be a little bit easier today than your struggles yesterday. Build on this momentum and use it in your favor. Build up on the momentum it will be much easier for you to get through the whole quitting process.

Difficulties will make you stronger. All you’ve been through the quitting process will make you stronger. Once the nicotine withdrawal symptoms are over, it will be easier for you to say no to cigarettes. Until such time that you’ll no longer crave for cigarettes.



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