6 Good Smoking Replacements

One good way to help you quit is to replace your smoking habit with something new. As much as possible, you want to replace it with something that is healthy. Here are 6 good smoking replacements to help you quit smoking for good:

Couple And Healthy LifestyleHitting the gym. Top of the list is exercise. Working out is a great stress buster. If you find yourself a little jittery as you go through the different nicotine withdrawal symptoms, you may want to hit the road and go for a 15-minute jog. Exercise is good for almost everybody. A short jog or a walk around the neighborhood is a great way to calm your cravings. It also wean off most of the withdrawal symptoms of quitting.

Finding a new hobby. Mountain climbing, kayaking, basketball, jiu-jitsu, and tennis are only some of the sports you can do. Taking a new sport to spend your weekends or your vacant hours will keep your attention away from cigarettes and its withdrawal symptoms. Not only does it distracts you from smoking it also pushes you to be healthier. Taking sports as replacement to your smoking habit is among the most effective ways to help you quit for good.

Hydrating. The increased amounts of fluids help wash the toxins out of your body and replace the lost nutrients due to smoking. Smoking deprives your body of vitamin C, drinking lots of orange or pineapple juice help replenish the lost vitamins and nutrients in your body. Pineapple is also high in fiber which is good for your digestion, and antioxidants that help fight cancers.

Meditation. The best thing about meditation is that you can learn it easily and do it anywhere, anytime. Meditation helps calm your body and spirit. Slow and deep breathing exercise can help fight your cravings for cigarettes.

Nicotine replacement therapies and drugs. Nicotine patches, inhalers, gums and Chantix, are good smoking cessation tools that makes it easier for you to quit. NRTs are good replacement for cigarettes, as it delivers the regulated amount of nicotine in your body without the toxins found in cigarette smoke. Smoking cessation drugs (i.e. Chantix) on the other hand blocks your brain’s nicotine receptors making it less pleasurable to smoke. However, make sure to seek first the advice of your physician, as it may have contraindications with your existing health condition or medication.

Stock up on fruits and vegetables. Reconditioning your body is an important part of your quit. While meat and alcohol makes it pleasurable to smoke, fruits and vegetables do the opposite. Most vegetables and fruits gives smoking a bitter taste which is very discouraging. They are also good source of vitamins and nutrients which is vital for your health and recovery.

Smoking is not only addictive, it is also very destructive to your health. These alternatives reconditions your body towards a healthier lifestyle. Once you have found a new and healthier replacement to your smoking habit, there is a better chance for you to succeed and stay quit for good.



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