Confused About Quitting Smoking – Really?

For some, it’s pleasurable to smoke, some badly want to quit, but still some smokers would feel confused. Probably every time you see a quit smoking ad, you wanted to quit but you’re just not ready –yet.

bigstock-Quit-Smoking-49724183You have probably seen dozens of quit smoking ads, you know that you would feel better and enjoy life if you quit, and almost certainly you have several friends and family who are more than willing to help you quit. However there’s still that little confusion in your mind about quitting.

Maybe you still think that somehow there is benefit from smoking. It could be the regular dose of toxic like cyanide or lead or maybe it’s the more than 2000 poisonous chemicals you inhaled into your lungs and absorbed by every cell in your body, 200 of which go directly to your brain.

There is really no confusion. That’s the truth. There is only a blind mind towards the dangers of smoking. And you know these dangers. You’re not confused. It boils down to consciously deciding to harm yourself. It’s a clear conscious choice to harm your health and the lives of those people around you.

It may sound cruel, but this is the truth and you’re aware of it. It doesn’t matter if smoking makes you feel good, or if it relaxes you, or enjoy it with a cup of coffee. Smoking kills you, that’s a bare simple fact.

More than 70% of the population don’t rely on nicotine to relax, or drink their beer, coffee, wine, or tea without having to light a cigarette. Your brain only makes you think you need to smoke. That’s how nicotine addiction works and later becomes a strong habit.

Quitting can be very hard for some smokers. The habit they have formed for the past years has become almost an essential part of their day-to-day life. However, you can unlearn them through time and practice. But first, you have to recognize that smoking does not help you and that it is harmful in any way, and do something about it. Once you have gained deeper understanding about smoking, and you become more aware of the benefits of quitting it will be much easier for you to say no to smoking.

On the other side, there are several smoking cessation aids to make it easier for you to quit. You can avail of nicotine replacement therapy (patches, gums, etc.), and smoking cessation drugs (Chantix). But before using these products make sure to seek first the advice of your doctor. You can also try other quit smoking alternatives and natural ways to quit like, hypnosis, yoga, and quitting cold turkey. It is a lot safer, but it is still prudent to consult your doctor, as they can recommend professionals to make your quit more productive for you.



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