5 Keys to Quitting Smoking (Tips for the Most Determined)

  1. Be prepared when you’re quitting. It is very important that you are always ready when planning to quit. The more ready you are, the better your chance of success. First, you must set a specific date in quitting. By setting a particular date you’ll be able to prepare mentally and physically to quit smoking. Second, you must remove all your paraphernalia’s, cigarettes and lighters in your house, car and office to avoid being tempted. Third, you must decide positively that you really want to quit. Avoid having negative thoughts. Fourth, you must have strong reasons why you want to quit smoking. Your family and loved-ones can be your inspiration for quitting. Fifth, you must realize that quitting is not easy. So be tough and be strong in facing the things that could happen.bigstock-Stop-Smoking-8977207

  1. Counseling can be the best way to quit smoking. Counselors focus on your behavior to find out where you got the urge to smoke. They will give you advice and support on how to quit cigarettes. You can also ask help from your family, friends and co-workers. They will surely assist and give you moral support. It is very inspiring when you know they are always there during your difficulties. You can also ask support from your doctor. He/she can provide the right medications to reduce your nicotine cravings.
  1. Focus on changing your behavior. Changing your daily routine in positive ways can greatly help you quit smoking. You can change the way you dress and the way you act. Change your habits. Make yourself busy with the things you love to do. Make exercise a habit. When you give up smoking, your stress level will rise as your cravings intensify. And so, exercise will help you relieve all the stress caused by quitting.
  1. Use prescribed quit smoking medication. Studies show that using medicinal aids is highly effective in quitting smoking. It is important to ask your doctor about your medications so that they can give you the proper medicine suitable for you especially when you are pregnant.
  1. There are many challenges you may encounter when quitting smoking. Whether you are a teen smoker or an adult, quitting can be tough. Many says’ that “stress” is one of the challenges to face. When you tried to quit and you failed, don’t give up. Just try and try until you succeed. Stay away from people who are addicted to smoking and don’t let them surround you even your loved-ones who are smoking. Many people are gaining weight when quitting smoke. Don’t let it get you down. All you need is exercise. Remember that quitting is more beneficial to your health than losing a few pounds. During quitting many symptoms occurs due to nicotine withdrawal but only for a while. You will experience despair and sadness. But you don’t have to be worry about this because there are medications that can help lighten these feelings.



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