8 Ways to Deal with Your Tobacco Cravings

For most smokers and tobacco users, the urge or craving to smoke can be very powerful. When the urge to smoke hits you, bear in mind that though it can be so intense, it’s temporary, and probably pass after a few minutes. Resisting your cravings to smoke might be difficult, but each time you resist to light a cigarette, you’re a step closer to a nicotine-free life.

Below are 8 ways how deal with your cravings and resist tobacco for good.

The word Addiction on chain links to illustrate the obsession, cUse Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Consult your doctor about your options. You can find several nicotine replacement therapy or NRT to help you deal with the cravings more easily. Nicotine sprays and inhalers are available only by prescription, so as quit smoking medications such as Varenicline (Chantix). NRTs like nicotine patches, lozenges, and gums can be bought over-the-counter.

Avoid Your Triggers

The cravings are its strongest when you’re confronted by a situation where you usually smoke such as after eating dinner, partying, driving home, watching TV, etc. Identify your triggers and try to plan how you can go about these triggers without smoking or laying your hands on tobacco. For instance, if you’re use to smoking while drinking a cup of coffee in the morning, try drinking a glass of milk instead. It will help kill the cravings, plus you get the nutrients found in milk.

Delay for 10 Minutes

If that “just one cigarette” thing starts to get in you, try to wait for 10 minutes before lighting up, and try to do something to distract your mind from smoking while waiting for the 10 minutes to lapse. You’ll later realize that you no longer crave for a cigarette.

Keep Your Mouth Busy

Always keep something handy to keep your mouth busy when the cravings hit you. Chew raw carrots, celery, or sugarless gums. This addresses your physical addiction to cigarettes.

Never Give In to that “Just One Stick”

You’ll be tempted to light that “one stick” but don’t give in. Don’t fool yourself and take the risk. Lighting that “one cigarette” might lead you back to smoking or chewing tobacco – again.

Hit the Gym

Increasing your physical activities can distract you from your old habit of smoking. It also help reduce the strength of your cravings. Take your dog for a walk, jog around the neighborhood, or sign up for a fitness boot camp. It also helps your lungs to recover faster.

Learn Relaxation Techniques

Before, you smoke to deal with stress. Quitting smoking can be very stressful. In fact it is among the most common triggers you need to deal with when you choose to quit. However, by learning some relaxation techniques you’ll be able to deal with stress more efficiently even while sitting in front your office desk. Some of the relaxation techniques you can learn includes yoga, hypnosis, and deep breathing.

Call for Support

Keep your friends and family closer. Their support will be very important and essential for your success. Share an afternoon tea, or a dinner on a Sunday.

It’s always better to try something than doing nothing at all. Every time you pass on lighting a cigarette or refusing to chew tobacco, you’re a step closer to your freedom – freedom from nicotine addiction.



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