Why Women Find It More Difficult to Quit Smoking

You often hear people say it or read it from magazines, and it’s a fact – women find it more difficult to quit smoking than men. Also, not all smoking cessation therapies work for women. If you’re a female smoker, you’re in real danger. Not only because you’re at greater risk of cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases than non-smokers, but you’re also at greater risk of osteoporosis. And if you’re expecting a baby soon or planning to have one, you are more likely to have difficulty conceiving a child, and your child may have low birth weight or suffer from DNA alterations.

Portrait Of Elegant Smoking BrunetteA deeper understanding about this condition will help you deal with the problem more efficiently. This gives you a better chance to quit the habit of smoking.

Several studies suggest that both smokers and non-smokers have the same number of nicotine receptors in women. This is due to the progesterone level in the body.

The problem with the smaller number of nicotine receptors is that female smokers are more likely to feel the urge to light a cigarette even if they have already been exposed to nicotine. As a consequence, women cannot enjoy the full advantage of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). On the other hand, male smokers have more nicotine receptors than male non-smokers, making it much easier for them (male smokers) to quit smoking using NRTs.

Studies also revealed that the female population appears to be more dependent on the physical act of smoking (i.e. holding and puffing a cigarette).

This doesn’t mean however that you have to give up your hope of quitting. While it is true that you cannot use some NRTs (i.e. patches), there are other smoking cessation aids that are available for you. Pharmaceutical drugs like Chantix might be a good alternative for you. However, it is important that you seek first the advice of your doctor. Chantix in particular are not advisable for pregnant women who want to quit smoking. You can also avail of natural ways to quit like cold turkey, yoga, meditation, hypnosis, etc.

Now that you have a better understanding on what you’re against to, you can plan and prepare better. You can find better ways to quit smoking a lot easier. Looking for a support group and the right smoking cessation aid might be a good start. Also, make sure to discuss any issues you may have with your doctor before using or starting your quit program.



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