15 Ways to Manage Stress Without Smoking

For smokers, stress and cigarettes go hand and hand. And in fact, way back in the 60’s, doctors were prescribing cigarettes to help patients manage stress, and soldiers were even given cigarette ration to fight stress.

Depressed man drinking bear and smoking cigaretteSome smokers believe that stress and smoking are somehow connected. Honestly, it’s true but not in the way they have imagined it. Instead of relieving stress, smoking actually causes stress.

While it’s true that you’ll feel better, as dopamine is secreted from the brain, right after you’ll be experiencing an adrenal rush. This is the reason why some smokers would start their day with a cigarette and a cup of coffee, claiming that it makes them feel refreshed and energized.

But after the adrenaline, cortisol is released, the stress hormone. So if you smoke to ease stress you’ll only worsen it. Heavy smokers experiencing severe stress don’t really become relaxed, they become more restless. Maybe you have experienced it yourself.

It is important that you find real ways to control your stress, and try to stay away from cigarettes for good. Below are 15 ways to deal with stress without smoking.

  1. Deep breathing,
  2. Acupuncture,
  3. Yoga, Tai Chi,
  4. Meditation,
  5. Exercise,
  6. Food supplements (i.e. magnesium, lemon balm, etc.),
  7. Aroma Therapy (essential oils),
  8. Hypnosis,
  9. Reading,
  10. Going out with friends,
  11. Gardening,
  12. Massage Therapy,
  13. Quality Sleep,
  14. Vacation, and
  15. Getting a new sports.

As you go along, you’ll find more ways to relax without having to light a cigarette. Controlling stress is not about taking in more than 4000 harmful chemicals. It’s about helping yourself without harming your body.

Quitting smoking now is one. Nicotine never helps you in any way, it only makes things worse. Finding a new hobby, a sports, or simply a walk in the park can help ease your stress. You don’t have to light a cigarette. Staying away from it is much better in keeping your stress level low. Also, eating healthy foods, like fruits and vegetables, help make you feel better, not only physically but mentally and emotionally, by restoring the balance in your body. Drinking lots of water, also help in flushing out the toxins in your body. If you want to manage stress, the healthier way, you have to invest into a healthy body. If you’re healthy, there is greater chance that you’ll deal with stress better. You’ll also have a better view of life.



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