Why Quitting Smoking Makes You More Beautiful and Happier

Because of nicotine, smoking is a hard habit to break. But once you’re able to successfully quit, you’ll not only be healthier, but more beautiful and happier too. Here’s how:

Closeup portrait of cute smiling woman with measure tape and freYou’ll have younger and smoother skin. Smoking deprives your skin of oxygen, collagen, and Vitamin A. As a result your skin becomes dry, dull, and loose. The more you smoke the faster your skin age. So you look older than your age. Quitting smoking makes you look younger and more beautiful as your skin is nourished with oxygen and other essential nutrients needed to keep it healthy, elastic, and retain moisture.

You’ll have brighter eyes. Cigarette smoke dries and irritates your eyes. As you would have noticed, your eyes look tired and reddened. This is because of the constant exposure of your eyes to different irritants found in cigarette smoke. Quitting smoking and eating fruits and vegetables rich in anti-oxidant help restore lost vitamins and minerals.

You’ll have healthier and whiter teeth. Over time, tar, the waxy yellow by-product of tobacco, stains your teeth. A hardly appealing look and equally dangerous. It can cause gum infections and other diseases that may lead to tooth loss. Quitting smoking lessen your risk of tooth decay and gum diseases. It makes your breath fresher too

You’ll be more energetic. After you quit smoking, your blood flow and lung capacity improves, making it easier for you to walk distances, climb stairs, and do the things you missed like playing with your kids. Months after you quit, you can play sports, do marathons, hiking, and other high intensity activities which greatly improves your health and your mood. Studies have proven that regular exercise help improves your mood.

You’ll have better sex life. Studies suggest that non-smokers are 3 times more appealing to their opposite sex than smokers. Well, who would want to kiss a stinky smoker? Quitting smoking makes you healthier, and look more attractive. Men also experience stronger erections and better orgasms for women. Sensitivity is increased as more blood freely flows in the blood vessels. Better performance in bed is also expected as you feel more energetic without nicotine. Quitting also improves fertility and healthy pregnancy for women.

You’ll experience less stress. Studies suggest that quitting lessens your stress level as you no longer experience the withdrawal symptoms during cigarette intervals. Smoking relieves the cravings for a period of time, and return soon, and the cycle goes on. You end up lighting one cigarette after the other. Quitting smoking for good frees you from this vicious cycle. You’ll wake up in the morning more energized and ready for the day. Unlike when you smoke, you’ll feel more lethargic and requires a few cigarettes to boost up your energy level, which in fact, a nicotine withdrawal symptom.

You don’t get any benefit from smoking. It destroys your body, harm your loved ones and anyone around you. Quitting smoking now promises a healthier and happier life. You’ll be stunningly gorgeous both inside and out.



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