10 Creative and Really Effective Ways to Quit Smoking

It is true that quitting smoking is very difficult to handle. Many people want to quit but they can’t do it. Quitting smoking is tough no matter who you are.

Yellow Post It Note On Cork Board And Marker Arrow As Reminder OSmoking is one of the scariest and harmful things you can do to yourself. But why are there still many people who can’t ditch the habit? They can’t because they are much addicted with the nicotine inside the cigarette. They experience cravings from time to time which they cannot control, making it hard for them to carry on. If you want to stop from smoking, there are some tips that will help you face all the difficulties in quitting cigarette.

10 creative ways on how to quit smoking:

  1. Eat booster food. Studies said suggest that certain foods and beverages can make a cigarette taste unpleasant. They include garlic, ginger and oranges. Incorporating these foods into your diet can lessen your desire to smoke and help you overcome your cravings.
  2. Brush your teeth when you feel the urge to smoke. Brushing your teeth will help a lot to stop your cravings not only because you are enjoying the clean feeling but also because of the taste of freshness in your mouth.
  3. Get pregnant. Smoking causes many pregnancy health risks. It Studies show that moms who smoke are likely to deliver underweight and premature babies. Once you are pregnant, the health of the unborn child inside depends on you. So you may have the feeling of guilt every time you smoke and the fear that your unborn child may suffer from the said complications.
  4. Join a Facebook group. A support group can be a source of strength and encouragement in your journey towards a cigarette-free life. You can also use this to help you overcome addiction. It is said that social media sites increases an individual’s likelihood of overcoming addiction. And it is suggested that Facebook and Twitter could be incorporated in new smoking cessation tactics.
  5. Write an article. Share your story. It is also important to share the life lessons you get while quitting cigarettes. This way, you can also help other people understand how hard it is to overcome addiction.
  6. Try acupuncture. Acupuncture will be able to help you quit. It has an effective treatment to help you overcome tobacco addiction. Acupuncture has two cessation strategies to help you quit cigarette. One is the “stop suddenly” treatment where in taking one cigarette should not be considered as a failure. This will also lessen your addiction to smoking. The second is “gradual withdrawal” where in the treatment changes the taste of cigarettes.
  7. Go camping. Travelling around can be a great reason to forget about smoking. You will feel the excitement about having a good time with your family especially with your kids, without the thought of smoking bugging your mind.
  8. Visit lung cancer victims. Go to hospitals with lung cancer patients. From them you will realize that smoking harms every organ of the body, and may lead to cancer. This will make you realize how important it really is to quit smoking now.
  9. Save money. Save your money in the bank or in a jar. Do not waste your money buying cigarettes that will only cause you cancer. Save your money, save your life!
  10. Watch the photos of lifelong smokers and be afraid. Look at the pictures of people who never stop smoking. It is confirmed that smoking leads to premature aging. This also contributes to more wrinkles, exhausted skin and under-eye-bags.



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