15 Ways to Quit Smoking and Start a Healthy Lifestyle

Smoking is an expensive, harmful, and a hard habit to kick, but it is important that you quit. Once you free yourself from the addiction, your life and health significantly improves. Twenty-four hours after your last cigarette, your risks of heart attack decreases.

Now, how do you quit smoking for good? Below are 15 ways to start a healthy lifestyle and quit smoking for good.

Young beautiful woman with broken cigarette. Stop smoking concepLearn the art of meditation.

Studies suggest that meditation can help smokers curb on the habit. A simple breathing exercise can help wean off your cravings for cigarettes.

Start your week right.

Researchers discovered that most searches on “quit smoking” in the internet happens on Monday. It is more likely that most people want a fresh start. Who knows, it might work for you.

Visit the gym often.

Exercise help lessen your urge for a nicotine as serotonin and dopamine is released from your brain.

Recondition your perception about smoking.

Cigarettes become less appealing if you associate it to something unlikable. Like thinking of a rotten fish every time you smell cigarette smoke.

Watch quit smoking ads.

Watching quit smoking ads exposes you to the ill effects of smoking and give you a deeper insight of the habit. They also provide first hand tips from former smokers.

Learn yoga.

Most smokers would argue that smoking help them relax. So, experts suggest that finding a healthier way to relax makes it easier for you to give up the habit of smoking.

Take advantage of the technology.

Now you can make use of text hotlines, or download phone apps to help you quit smoking. These apps help you track your progress, remind and encourage you as you go along your quit program, and even suggest ways to handle or avoid your triggers.

Eat healthy.

Adding fresh produce in your diet can lead you towards a healthier lifestyle. Fruits and vegetables help boost your recovery.

Try lifting weights.

Weight lifting coupled with your cessation program increases your chance of quitting by two folds. Pumping those muscles has more benefits other than the good looks.

Use nicotine replacement therapy.

The use of NRT double your chance of quitting successfully. NRT provides calculated amount of nicotine in your body.

Think of the harmful effects of smoking to your pets.

Cigarette butts and ashes are harmful to your pets’ health, it can even be fatal. Cigarette butts contain high concentration of nicotine and other toxic chemicals, and if ingested by your pet dog or cat, can cause death. Dogs are also at risk of nasal cancer.

Avail of counseling programs.

Counseling programs can increase your chance of quitting by 10 percent.

Quit cold turkey.

If using NRTs and smoking cessation drugs are not appealing for you, quitting cold turkey or without the help of any drugs or nicotine fits you. However, nicotine withdrawal symptoms will be more prevalent when quitting cold turkey, but if done the right way, you can kick the habit for good.

Learn a new hobby.

Learning new and exciting activities help you unlearn your triggers and help cut your smoking cravings.

Try hypnosis.

Hypnosis tries to go deeper into your conscious and subconscious and reprograms how your mind see smoking and help you unlearn the habit.

The effectiveness of each method may vary from one person to another. Quitting is more of s personal journey. What may be effective for one may not be as effective for you. So finding the best way to quit is also essential. Pick the method that best fits you and don’t force yourself over one method just because they say it’s effective. Feel free to discover which fits you.



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