6 Lesser Known Effects of Smoking

Cancer, asthma, gum disease, etc. These are only a few of the many harmful effects of smoking. In fact, it does more than the feared impotency in men. Smoking affects every inch of the body, and the toxins — they simply remain in your system and causes changes in your body.

No Smoking SignBelow are some of the less known effects of smoking.

Hairfall. Have you noticed that you’re losing more hair lately? The hair on the drain seems more than the usual. Smoking 2 or more packs of cigarettes a day can cause premature balding. This is particularly true in men.

Digestive disorder. Smoking disrupts the normal function of your digestive system and the effects are irreversible. The harmful chemicals in tobacco smoke wear down your stomach lining and prevents your digestive enzymes to work properly. This is the very reason why chronic smokers find it hard to digest food.

Dull taste. Do you often complain of the blunt taste of the food you eat? It’s not the food, it’s your taste buds. Smoking kills your sense of taste. It causes your taste buds to die more quickly. So if you can notice, you can eat spicy foods without having any difficulties. This is because your taste buds are dead.

Dehydration. Smoking dries you from the inside. You lose more water compared to non-smokers. This is the reason why most smokers have dry skin, dry lips, and are very vulnerable to urinary infections. Drinking at least 2 liters of water daily helps restore the fluid balance in your body.

Lethargy. Contrary to what most smokers believe, that smoking gives them a boost, it actually robs them of energy. Smoking reduces your lung’s capacity to pump oxygen in your body. Also blood circulation is reduced due to blocked arteries caused by smoking. Without oxygen and proper blood circulation, the more you’ll feel weak and lethargic.

DNA alteration. Smoking damages your DNA, it causes changes. Though more research is needed to gain further understanding about the effects of smoking to human DNA, one thing is sure, smoking changes your DNA and it’s not towards a better end. And the sad thing is, these changes can be passed to the next generations.

The list may extend for a few more, some would require more research, and some are yet to be discovered. But the same facts remain – smoking harms your health and cigarettes are becoming more and more dangerous nowadays compared when it was first introduce in the market, as more ingredients are added to give cigarettes different flavors and become more appealing to the public.

The human body is so amazing that it heals itself naturally. But if you’ll continue to abuse it, it might not be able to hold it any longer. If you quit smoking now, you’ll start to feel the healing as soon as 24 hours after your last cigarette. And in a couple of months more, you’ll be able to unlearn the habit of smoking. Start a healthy lifestyle by quitting smoking now.



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