3 Reasons Why Monday Could Be the Best Day to Quit Smoking

“I’ll quit after new year or my birthday,” how many times have you found yourself making the vow to quit after a holiday and never quite got round to it? The reason could be because you are choosing the wrong time to start quitting. There really isn’t a bad time to stop quitting, but new research findings suggest that smokers could be more successful at lighting up their last cigarette if they set their quit date on a Monday.

  1. Research and Thoughts About Quitting Go Up On Mondays

Monday-52754107Researchers analyzed 2008 to 2012 quit-smoking searches conducted in 6 different languages worldwide. Their findings showed that people often searched for quit-smoking information on Mondays compared to other days of the week. The number was 25% higher than the average of quit-smoking searches conducted on Tuesday to Sunday. The findings were published in October in the American Medical Association’s JAMA Internal Medicine journal. This is because Mondays are always associated with a fresh start and people view it as an opportunity to give new undertakings a go. It has always been thought that the decision to quit smoking is often done on a whim without much planning, but the research findings prove otherwise showing that quitting is often well thought out by smokers and it is dependent on larger behavioral patterns.

  1. Get The Weekend Out Of The Day

The weekend could be the worst time to attempt quitting. Weekends mean going out, gatherings with friends or Sunday barbecues which are all conducive for smokers to light up. There is something about gatherings which makes smokers bunch up and smoke away as they take part in small talk. Therefore, weekends do not seem like the best time to try to quit and instead they should be a time to smoke your last cigarettes in readiness for Monday when you finally quit. Sundays are often more laid back for most people and are the best time to start making your home smoke-free. This means clearing out all cigarettes and tobacco products that you have in your home in readiness for Monday when you start a cigarette-free journey.


There are 52 Mondays every year, giving you 52 ideal dates to quit smoking or recommit to quitting.

  1. It Gives You Something To Work Towards and Encouragement If You Relapse

Just like you would make sure that you have everything ready for work or school on Sunday so that it is smooth sailing on Monday, chances are you will transfer the same level of planning to quit. Also knowing that there is always the next Monday to try again reinforces the message to smokers who relapse that there is a chance to start afresh. The research findings have also been picked up by numerous quit-smoking campaigns and most are strategically placed online and rolled out on Monday. The message to smokers is that they do not have to wait for another year for their next birthday or the next New Year to quit; they can always pick up and try next Monday.

You can quit smoking any time you put your mind to it; Mondays do not necessarily have to be the day you quit. However, if you can relate to the pattern of setting Monday aside to start new journeys then you should consider setting your quit date on a Monday.



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