17 Lesser Known Benefits of Quitting Smoking

Quitting smoking may actually have more benefits than you expect it to have. Below are the 17 lesser known benefits of quitting smoking.

If you quit smoking now:

SmokingYou’ll have better sleep.

Smokers are 4 times more likely to experience sleep disturbances at night. The nicotine withdrawal they experience while sleeping can affect the quality of their sleep. This is the reason why smokers would feel sluggish when they wake up and feel better or energize after they smoke in the morning.

You’ll have stronger bones.

Female smokers lose 2 to 3 percent of bone density for every 10 packs of cigarette a years. It even get worse during their postmenopausal stage.

You’ll lower your risk for hearing loss.

Smokers are 70% at greater risk of hearing loss than their nonsmoking counterparts.

You’ll have more barhopping and dining options.

More and more restaurants and bars are now smoke-free.

You’ll have cool incentives at work.

Some companies are offering incentives, such as premium discounts, or gift cards to employees who’ll join smoking cessation programs.

You’ll experience less cold hands and feet.

Quitting smoking help improve blood circulation.

It’ll be safer to use pills.

The risk of heart attacks, strokes, and clots are higher if you smoke while taking oral contraceptives. This is the reason why doctors would recommend that you stop smoking if you want to use the pills, or quit the pills if you can’t stop smoking.

You’ll have greater chance of cutting the dosage of your medications.

Smoking affects how your body process and absorb certain drugs. Smokers often take higher doses just to get the intended result.

You’ll have lesser risk of acid reflux.

Smokers are more likely to experience acid influx than nonsmokers.

You’ll have less to carry in your pockets.

If you quit smoking now, you don’t have to bring with you packs of cigarette, lighter, gum, and breath strips.

You’ll have cleaner walls.

Tar in cigarette smoke creates yellow stains on your walls and they are very hard to clean unless you repaint your walls which means extra expenses for you.

You’ll have safer environment for your pets.

Studies revealed that secondhand smoke is associated with lymphoma and oral cancer in felines, nasal and lung cancer in canines, and lung cancer in aves.

You’ll save water and reduce your electric bills.

Tar and cigarette smell are difficult to wash. Washing your clothes will require more water, detergent, and electricity.

You’ll have better wound healing.

Studies revealed that smokers experience poor wound healing after surgeries, tooth extractions, periodontal procedures, and even face lifts.

You’ll have timely menopausal.

Female smokers experience early menopausal than nonsmoking counterparts.

You’ll have healthier and stronger sperms.

Smoking can cause low sperm count, poor sperm motility, and increased sperm abnormalities. And to top it all, you may even suffer from impotency if you don’t quit smoking soon.

You’ll be more attractive to your opposite sex.

If you quit smoking now, you’ll have better and blooming skin, lesser wrinkles, fresher breath, and better performance in bed.

There are actually more reason for you to quit than continue smoking. Aside from the personal benefits you get when you quit, it also becomes safer for your love ones. Consult your doctor about the available options for you to quit smoking.



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